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Goshen Township Reviews

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Goshen Township is very family friendly. There's many activities hosted in goshen township too. There's not too many job opportunities in Goshen Township, nor a variety of food choices. Goshen Township is also a very safe place to be. I go to school in Goshen and feel very safe at school.
I love Goshen Township. The community has a feel that everyone knows each other and I'll always be able to call this small town home. While Goshen doesn't have many restaurants or activities in the town it is fairly close to downtown Cincinnati.
Goshen is a small town with a bunch of back roads and the friendliest people who reside in the town. I have lived in Goshen since I was five to present day and they have restored historical sites and have made a beautiful park where the community comes together for easter egg hunts as well have various of churches for prayers pending on your religion.
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This is a great community to grow up in. It is a great place to raise a family. People are generally good and friendly. There is open space and is surrounded by beautiful hills with farmland or trees. Local lakes provide entertainment. The community park as wonderful with an old fashioned carousel and ferris wheel. People have pride in their community.
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