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The weather in my area is so bipolar. Specially in the winter time, one minute it is 60 degrees outside and the next minute it is freezing. Like, it is so ridiculous.
I feel as though the crime is in certain areas within where I am located. We have bad neighborhoods where there are more crimes in general then, we have safe areas. But, to be honest I do not find it fair as where the police is fast and moving in certain neighborhoods then others.
The housing in my local area is really okay. You see we have houses were they are close together and have less area for kids to play outside and just land in general near housing. There are some houses that are close together and then, there is the county because I do stay in the south where there is lots of land to play to have family gatherings and so on.
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In the local area for businesses there are very few places to shop and big companies. Honestly, I think that we are required to have more big businesses in the local area so, that we can give people job opportunities and whereas they can work because this economy is getting really bad in NC.
Many employers of different industries are located here and more are arriving.
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