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Gonzales is very community oriented. It has really good schools. My teachers and counselors are great. The only negative I believe would be that it is growing too fast in development for the city to keep up with traffic and roads. My Mom grew up here and the people in the south are like no other in the world. Everyone loves their hometown and where they grew up and I'm proud of my culture here in Louisiana.
Gonzales has great schools. It is also very diverse. There are also things to go for all ages at Lamar Dixon.
Its a nice place, just not to much to do. Would be nice if the surrounding areas infrastructure got updated before they continue to add neighborhoods.
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Gonzales is slowly developing for the greater good. However, I would like to see more public transit areas in the state of Louisiana. Gonzales needs more public walkways.
It's a all-around good town to live in. A decent amount of good natured people to meet and talk to.

The main complaint that I hear from most people in the area are a heavy lack of entertainment. Not only is there only 1 place to watch a movie, but there are only 2-3 public playgrounds that I know of within the entirety of the city.

In conclusion: Great place to live. Not much in the way of entertainment.
Not a bad place to live as of now. As more houses are starting to pop up the traffic and road issues only continue to grow. Theres too much to in the area. The central parts are not the safest as there is a bit of crime and mischief around.
I love Gonzales. This city is small enough to know all of your surrounding neighbors yet large enough to grow. I love the family oriented Atmosphere. Everyone feels like somebody in Gonzales
Gonzales is a small yet big town and it is also the Jambalaya capital of the world so that's pretty cool
Love the festivals. A small town but the high school traditions are amazing!! The outlet is pretty good and its only 20 min from the mall of Louisiana. Community is slightly small but we all stick together !!
I moved to Gonzales a few years ago & it has changed very quickly to people from the not so good areas of Baton Rouge moving here. It has now become the overflow of BR & it is ruining what once was a pleasant safe small town. Don't move here if you are looking for a safe place to live.
Gonzales is an expanding community near the city of Baton Rouge. Many businesses are expanding into our town. Everyone here is really nice and I love the family we have here in Gonzales.
I have grown up in Gonzales for most of my life and living in a small town is nice but it isn't' too clean and there aren't a lot of places to go. However over the years it has been growing and improving and that is a plus. Everyone is very friendly here and the southern culture is nice.
Cheap, safe, nightlife really sucks, kinda friendly, almost no diversity, affordable, traffic is bad only on rush hours, not many good jobs, not much commercial points, super boring, nothing to do, no fun at all.
The city of Gonzales is overall very diverse and well maintained, which is also great for future to be families. The education system is a little lacking, but areas like St. Amant and the surrounding areas are outstanding. There's also an abundance of diverse restaurants, such as Chinese, Japanese, cajun, etc. that are all very tasty places to dine.
Nice small town friendly people,lots of places close.movies dinning stores all convenient and closely to interstate between baton rouge and new Orleans.
People here are really welcoming. There's a warm family feel in the community. We have a movie theatre, bowling alley with an arcade, large outlet mall and many fitness centers. Another fun activity is taking the kids over to Jambalaya Park. My favorite thing is to go to the festivals. High school rivalries are a big thing here.The cost of living here is quite reasonable and we have a lot of different jobs available in the manufacturing industry.
I think Gonzales is a good community and has continuous growth. It is generally family friendly and they have a wide variety of events during any time of the year. I like the relaxed atmosphere. Although it is a small city, the close proximity to larger cities such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans give more opportunities for entertainment.
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Home to Louisiana State and Southern universities, Baton Rouge lies about 30 miles up the Mississippi River from New Orleans and 65 miles from the coast. A rich past as an ocean port, center for antebellum commerce, and Louisiana’s colorful political history adds spice to the local character. There are many points of interest along the shady streets with their gracious old homes. The thing I like about Gonzales is that everybody is close to each other a very small town. The houses are nice and affordable. The food is great from fish, fried chicken etc. Also the sports culture is very big so if like high school football it place you should go .Its also a good very good hospitals in the area. Also a good place to shop. Some things i would improve is more stores so more jobs. New roads more houses that are affordable for people.
It's still very classic country Louisiana but its more populated besides baton rouge and new orleans.
I have lived next to Gonzales my whole life. Despite being next to Baton Rouge, it has grown up slowly so there is still a small town charm to it. It was badly affected by the flood in 2016, and that knocked out all of the real estate, but I would like to see more housing open up.
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