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Great small town but near city of Manchester. Quiet with river running through downtown area. Goffstown has different sections so anyone can live here according to their lifestyle. Country, rural, or closer to city or downtown area.
Goffstown is a cute little town. It is quite rural, mostly woods and suburban-type neighborhoods. But it does have a more "commercial" road with your basic box stores, and also a small village that has that quintessential New England charm: a bridge, rail-trail running by it, an old library, couple small churches & post office, and a BRILLIANT coffee, flower, and gift shop called Apotheca. Overall, not much to do in Goffstown but it's incredibly safe and the community is tight-knit.
It's a quiet town near Manchester, so there's a bunch to do provided you can drive there. The school's a bit weird, but I probably have that opinion cause I went there. It has good people with good connections.
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I grew up in Goffstown and it's a nice little town. I don't feel overwhelming political pressure, which is something I like and I received a very good education here.
Goffstown is an overall small, safe town full of friendly people. The community participates in many town events like the Pumpkin Regatta in October and Old Home Day in July. I enjoy how easy it is to connect the town together and spend time. The school district is very successful with high scoring tests and advanced sports teams. The middle school is actually a member of the New England League of Middle Schools Spotlight School! I am very comfortable with Goffstown as a whole and enjoy living there as a resident.
Goffstown is a very friendly place. It is family-friendly and a lovely, safe and quiet town. Everything is within a close range, there are cute shops and boutiques, their library is well kept and nice, and overall walking around town is great! I love living here and pretty much everything about it.
Goffstown is a very close-knit community in New Hampshire. The public schools are so great to the students. Especially the elementary schools. There are many opportunities for volunteer work, jobs, and other fun annual events. Goffstown has some of the best schools in the state, and also has a college near the border of Goffstown and Manchester. The town has a great history of old railroad systems, education, and historic signs can be found throughout the town. The public Rail Trail is breathtaking and open to walkers, runners, bikers, skiers, and boats on the Piscataquog River. Everyone is kind and the high school provides many great opportunities for all students. Goffstown is also top in the state for football and wrestling. The growing concern with this town is the Manchester population crossing the border into Goffstown. Which often brings crime and scams to the community. But for the most part, I wake up everyday to the Goffstown I know and love.
Small town, great high school system, low crime rate. Real estate market is hot right now, great time to sell. Real estate taxes are reasonable for the area. Violent crime rate is low. One hour commute to Boston, seacoast area, or lakes region for relaxation, hiking or swimming.
Good town. Small. Fairly good community. Decent amenities. Not overly industrialized. Good school. Bad traffic in the mornings and evenings. Somewhat rural, somewhat suburban.
Goffstown is a small town with nice people and a wonderful school system. There is not too much to do in town, but it's growing, and it is close to Bedford and Manchester. If you are more country than city, it's also close to Weare and New Boston, where it's more rural. The center of town is cute and the Village has some nice history, if you're into that. The river is nice to spend a sunny afternoon on, and the mountain is a fun hike and good photo opportunity. Overall, it’s a really good place for young families and older folks alike to live and enjoy a little New England town.
One thing that stood out to me in Goffstown was our community involvement. For one, when we lost our house to the Mothers Day flood of 2006, so many kind strangers helped us out with not only rebuilding our house, but also giving us a home to stay in. Another example would be when my 16 year old friend got diagnosed with bone cancer. During this hard time, our community once again came together to help her and her family. I am blessed to have grown up in Goffstown, and wouldn't change it for anything.
Goffstown is very quiet for the most part. It's really turning into a retirement type of town so it's better for older people.
What I love about Goffstown is how small it is and the community that it has formed into over the years. I love the community activities that Goffstown puts together like the pumpkin regatta, which allows the community to come all together and play games and go to in town concerts. What I also enjoy about this community is the school systems. The schools are good sized and the classes are small to where you know everyone in your grade by first name bases and the teachers know you on a personal level.
Nice place to grow up, close enough to everything in southern NH with plenty of it's own amenities and facilities.
The Town of Goffstown have been increasing taxes providing fewer services since we moved in a few years ago. The Townhall office clerks responded: "love it or leave it". We would like the Townhall clerks and selectmen to leave instead. Town is incorporated as a business to provide a legitimate service, but does not offer explanation for tax increases or late ad-hoc undisclosed or clandestine tax hikes. The infamous building department and assessor ignore and promote building code violations as well as increase taxes for repairs or replacements categorizing them as improvements. This predatory approach in taxation without representation promotes faster infrastructure degradation and loss of property value.
This is a small town conveniently located right next to Manchester NH. It's a good town to live in if you plan on working in Concord, Manchester, or Nashua, but if you plan on working further, then it will be a long commute. My neighborhood is a small close-knit community of friendly people that look out for each other.
Goffstown has an excellent School system and is friendly and family orientated. I moved here 16 years ago and I am glad that my children have a good school system and that we live where people can feel safe.
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Goffstown is a great little town where many activities take place year round. Home of the Great Pumpkin Weigh Off and Regatta, Goffstown is a close-knit community of families, surrounded by outstanding schools.
The school system is very connected with the community, and many events are connected between school performances and athletic events. The community is very welcoming and unified, and filled with town and school spirit.
I love the town of Goffstown! There's the cutest and most beautifully and uniquely decorated coffee and flower shoppe in the middle of town with fantastic open mic nights once a month as well and they have a sister clothing and jewelry shop with handmade jewelry you can't find anywhere else. The public library is so welcoming and accommodating with events for townspeople of all ages and is very involved with the school systems. the schools there are also fantastic the faculty knows the students very well and Goffstown is a quiet enough town for people of all ages to grow up in. Plenty of the town has gods and the Goffstown Rail Trails was just renovated and redone and looks fantastic. The community feels safe in the town and is also currently expanding their firehouse.
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