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Great little town nestled in between the rocky mountains. You can go visit the fairy caves or the hot springs, river rafting, hiking and more. there is also a great free public busing system.
Amazing attractions such as Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Glenwood Hot Springs. Great food, good atmosphere!
Glenwood Springs is an amazing place to live. Aside from it being safe you can always reach out and find help if you ever need it .
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Glenwood Springs is an amazing town in Colorado. It sits in a valley in the Rocky Mountains and is famous for it's natural hot springs and adventure park. There is a shopping center that fits everyone's needs, as well as many small, warm, private ran stores that have lots of unique gifts. Both the public schools and community college here are well renown. Glenwood Springs is also home to one of the best hospitals in Colorado, Valley View.
I have lived in Glenwood Springs for almost four years, and I love it here! The community is great and the scenery is beyond beautiful.
Surrounded by beautiful mountain terrain and raging whitewater rivers, Glenwood Springs, CO. is one of the most fun towns in America. The residents are active and enjoy their surroundings. Most of the residents spend their free time outside skiing, rafting, surfing, hiking, flying airplanes, or horseback riding. With all these activities right here in Glenwood Springs, CO. the residents are always smiling and friendly. Glenwood Springs, CO. is a great town to live in or visit.
The cost of living is high and the pay does not match, but I was born and raised here so I don't ever want to leave.
is a good town with everything a student of family could need. very supportive and friendly community.
Glenwood Springs is a great place to live! There are lots of things to see and do! Reasonably priced skiing, underground caves, and an amusement park on top of a mountain!
Glenwood Springs is an unforgettable town in Colorado. Its well known for all its attractions,big mountains, and great views. Glenwood its a town to get connected with nature, there are several mountains, to hike or sky. The Hot Springs pool is a great feature and in this town. The thermal water is warm and people love going when its sknowing. Glenwood Springs is a small town but you will fall in love with its community, and attractions.
Great place for fun family activities in all four seasons. Great place to bring the entire family including pets. Many close by towns and very cute shops and many great restaurants.
I love my town! But it is really expensive to live here! Schools are great. Homes are quite expensive.
The weather always seems very nice depending on the activity you're engaging on that day. There's never any sever weather other than small snow storms during winter. There isn't ever any natural disasters.
There isn't very much diversity here. People are all very great neighbors and live happy lives.
This community is very pet/family friendly. Pets are allowed at every park and outdoor events. The community holds many events throughout the summer and many people know and treat each other as family.
Transportation through bus around the city is only 1 dollar per day and gradually increases to other towns. Parking availability is great and walking is also very great since the town has sidewalks and in town trails for where ever you might need to go.
There are none vacant or abandoned properties and if there is they are occupied quickly. The cost of housing and utilities is somewhat high but its worth the safety and quality of the housing.
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There are multiple tourist attractions in this area. The biggest attractions are the local Caverns located on top of the mountain, Ski Resorts, and The Hot Springs Pool which is natural hot springs heated water.
There are multiple local self owned businesses in this are that range from clothing to tools to food. Everything you may need can potentially be found within the city.
There are multiple nearby workout facilities at low price. There is always people in every gym. If money is an issue for a workout facility, there are plenty of hiking trails and other outdoor activities that can be done at little to no charge at all.
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