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It was a nice area where my family lived. people were friendly and many neighbors were neighborly and helpful.
we need to get our small business oriented neighborhood shopping area back as well as neighbors caring about each other again.
I like that it is a small city. The crime rate seems a little high, and our public schools are horrible.
I really like my community because everyone is very family-oriented and helpful to their neighbors. However, I wished there were more events for the whole neighborhood to attend for a chance to socialize and network.
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I been living in Glenwood for majority of my life and never had a problem with being here. The schools that reside in the community are good. There is a good amount of food options that could be found here. Also, Glenwood is close to other towns such as, Homewood, Lansing, Dolton, Tinley Park & Orland Park. Being in an area close to these towns make a lot more options for you in entertainment, places to explore and restaurants.
great place to raise a Family. Safe environments for children, active police force. Quiet neighborhoods with very little traffic.
Very quiet environment. Very friendly place to raised kids. I will recommend people to move to Glenwood. Security is very good.
I like that Glenwood is surrounded by all major towns and is an easy commute. I would like to see this town get more businesses as there is very few. I twould also be nice for more fun to happen. There is not much to do around here.
Quiet suburban area nice for raising children. Near shops, stores and equally feasible in terms of public transportation. Right off a major street that will take you to Chicago. 20 minutes from the loop on the expressway.
It is located in a very good school district but the quality of the neighborhood has declined over the years. Some residents don't upkeep their property well and it affects the value of surrounding homes. Also, crime has increased a great deal.
Glenwwod is a place to raise a family. The kids have so many sports that they can be involved in. As well as a good school system for them to attend. Freindly people and kids to play with. All around a nice envirnment.
The community is very reserved, there is a family oriented structure in place. It is in the middle of more recognized suburbs in the area, but maintains its own original feel. I work as a lifeguard in the summer at the local pool and meet people from each area in the city, overall I have had only positive encounters.
I have currently been a resident in Glenwood for 16 years and I like the place I live. The community is continually growing with new business which helps create jobs. The neighborhood is super friendly and a great place to raise a family. I would like to see more spaces for children to have activities such as a bowling alley or movie theater. I would also like to see the neighborhood become eco-friendly.
I have never had any concerns. I go for nightly walks after 10pm and I have no concerns about my safety
A great neighborhood. I feel safe and there is always something fun to do in the neighborhood
I would live here again if I could when I'm older.
the questions were okay to begin with
If I were to live here again my ultimate decision would be because it's peaceful out here. When I take my nephew out I don't have to worry about a stray bullet hitting him, he has the freedom to just be a kid and run around and play and not worry about anything. I like seeing that happy carefree smile upon his face. Though they could stand to build a bigger park, put some more things out there so that it gives kids a chance to run around and play and not get so easily bored with the same old same old. I would like to have a park with options, things that any kid can do, ranging from toddler to 15 years old.
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I've tried to get a job; it's simply impossible.
The stores are convenient to get to.
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