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I enjoy living in a small community with quiet neighborhoods and close access to healthcare and shopping.
Low cost of living, easy to get into Tulsa quickly but road maintenance could be better and there's nothing to do out here expect eat or go to church.
When we first moved here, it seemed like a quaint small town near the city. The longer we have been here the larger it has grown. The problem is the city and school administrations have done nothing to grow with it, or keep up. The city waits until past time for something to be done that is required, then tells the citizens the tax rates or utility cost have to be increased do to their poor planning and procrastination.
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I enjoy the suburban feel of Glenpool with the short commute to work and easy access to the highway. Glenpool has now has a local hospital. I have concerns about the schools and what is permitted to occur with children, including drug use.
Very quiet and friendly town. I have lived here for twenty-two years. All of my neighbors care about each other and watch over each other. I went to school all thirteen years here and I enjoyed it very much. The community is strong and always growing.
Glenpool is a fast, growing community, just about 20 minutes from Tulsa. I have lived in this town for about 30 years now. The people are friendly, the housing is affordable, the schools are good and the community supports school growth.
All being said and done it is a decent place to live and start a family in. I grew up in Glenpool and the only thing I would change would be the school. The buildings are a mix of old and new and the town is growing. The crime is mostly low, and most of the residents are friendly.
Glenpool is a tightly-knit community. It isn't as big as its surrounding towns, but it's growing rapidly. The citizens are diverse and friendly. There are several stores and fast food restaurants for convenience. Glenpool hosts many events throughout the year, such as a citywide "garage sale" day and its own fair, known as Black Gold days, which makes it a great town and community to be a part of.
Glenpool is a nice little town outside of Tulsa. It has good schools and is growing a lot. The new neighborhoods have nice homes that are reasonably priced. There a a few restaurants for a quick pick up meal for a hungry family on the run and is not too far from a nice of sit down restaurants when you have time. There is a nice new Walmart for most of your shopping needs and if tou need a quick tune up on your car.. No problem! Its a nice clean community with a few parks for kids and thw hwys are very close to commute to your job. There doesn't seem to have a lot of crime but still lock your doors at night cause you never know! It is small and quiet like a little country town but its close enough to Tulsa if your not into the small town feel. You can enjoy peace and quiet sitting outside and enjoy the stars at night. I recommend Glenpool to new couples and everyone in between. Next time your out and about take a little trip out to Glenpool and you will see what I mean!!
Glenpool is a fantastic community just south of Tulsa. Great place to raise a family and also close enough to Tulsa to enjoy activities.
I have lived in this town my whole life. I went to school here pk-12. I enjoyed my town and school. I am not sure if this is where i would like to work in the future but overall its a good town. There recently have been somethings related to drugs happening with glenpool residents but not in glenpool.
I think Glenpool, OK is a great small town just south of Tulsa. Small enough that you get that small town feel, but close enough to everything that you want to do. Right next to Jenks, 15 minutes to Broken Arrow, 20 minutes to Downtown Tulsa. The population is booming right now and isn't slowing down.
I have never had any problems in this area with crime
After spending the last 15 years of my life here, I am ready for a change. This place has been great to me but I'm ready for bigger and better things
This is an older town and only a small number of homes have been rebuilt or improved so the majority of the housing is older and not in good shape. The outskirts of the city have the more modern housing and facilities and provide a better living condition. Cost of housing would be considered normal and also for the utilities.
The section I live in is the older section and most people have been here for a period of time. The school system is one of the best in the state, the local government needs to improve. Most of the residents are very friendly and welcome you with open arms. The city is a suburb of greater Tulsa so with a short drive you are able to see are do just about everything you want. The community is not gig on local events except for High School happenings but does not offer anything for the residents to do while in town.
There is very little crime within the city limits and the police force does a very good job of patrolling and their response time is very good. I get around in an electric wheelchair and am not afraid to go out at nighttime, kids are also out and parents are comfortable.
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New businesses and a new hospital urgent care unit within 2 miles of the main city center are helping the all around area improve. The main section of town still holds its old time small town appeal and the school system is voted one of the best in the state along with Glenpool being rated as the fastest growing city in Oklahoma. The people are very friendly and helpful, there are plenty of churches and a new large conference center and new apartment complex.
Glenpool will eventually grow but at this moment its a small town.
I've grown up in this area since I was born the people are great and very supportive in every activity the town does. I love this place and would refer it to anyone
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