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Glenn Dale is a great place for families. Very quiet area to raise kids if you are not interested in night life. There is not lots of shopping or dining areas here so you would have to go to the surrounding areas to find that. It is very diverse in ethnicity and socioeconomic status. You can find new very large houses but also find small farm style homes. Glenn Dale is not a far drive from Washington D.C, Annapolis, or Baltimore which are very amazing cities to visit. The schools in the area are pretty terrible but there are other options close by like charter or public schools. People are friendly but there is not a great sense of community here. Overall it is a good place to live for not that much but it is not the best out there.
Quiet area with not much activity that’s great to raise kids or live once retired. Not much to do around but only about 20 minute drive to reach fun places.
Beautiful area! The neighborhoods are all diverse and local grocery stores are far. No public transportation runs through Glenn Dale.
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Great neighborhood to live and rise a family, with an easy route to District of Columbia to work. easy access to major stores and outlets for shopping
I love Glenn Dale. It's a small and cute community with nice people who are more than welcome to invite you to talk.
Glenn Dale is a very beautiful place to live in and it consist of some playgrounds and school. Glenn Dale is a safe place to live in, and in my 16 years of living in Glenn Dale there have only been a few casualties. Although Glenn Dale is great, i would put more stores or restaurants to easily walk to because its hard to connect with other kids because every house is separated distantly from each other. Glenn Dale also needs sidewalks because, part of the reason I haven't met many kids in Glenn Dale, my mom would not allow me to walk in the streets to go to other places outside my neighborhood.
Just moved here. Everything seems cool so far. I like the small suburb vibe. Not too noisy, drastic difference from D.C but within close proximity.
My home was broken into soon after moving here. Cars are constantly broken into. Check the crime blotter. At least it's safer than SE DC.
Had no problems with crime in this neighborhood
I love living in this area because most of my friends live here. It a good distance from the city but still in a peaceful area.
Someone broke into my neighbors house.
I'm surrounded by multiple stores.
The neighborhood is very safe. It is hidden off from the rest of metropolitan PG County. During my years living there, no reports for petty crime or major crime were received in the neighborhood. The only issues you will deal with is the occasional neighbor not cutting their grass, or harassment from the local homeowner association pestering you about the shade of blue on your mail box. ( True Story)
The location was sectioned off from most residential and metropolitan areas, If you had a part-time job you basically had to walk three miles to get to a bus stop or depend on family to take you to work. The cost of living was very high which made it very expensive to buy a car unless your family bought it for you.

The area has very nice landscape scenery. Your neighbors are pleasant they will stay to themselves.

wonderful we are always surrounded by bowie police
its great! great location close to highway no far from dc quiet neighborhoods great schools
My experience is ok. The people are nice and the area is nice.
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I have read several places that we have one of the most comprehensive subway systems in the nation. Getting around in the suburbs on the weekends can be difficult though. We are growing very quickly and have some of the worst congestion in the nation during rush hour.
I am just outside of Washington, DC allowing for easy access to all DC has to offer. It can be difficult to get around on public transportation on the weekends in the Maryland suburbs unless one is close to a Metro station. I live less than 3 hours from Ocean City, Md. I live about 20 min from Six Flags and 2 hours from Kings Dominion. There are several parks in the local area where people can have a picnic. There are several options for shopping whether it be a place that is mainly a hangout spot, an outlet mall, or an upscale mall. There always seems to be coming attractions.
It depends where you go as every Metro area has pockets of crime. I generally fell safe, though. I use common sense like trying to stay in well-lit or heavily trafficked areas if I'm out after dark and not using outdoor ATM's alone after dark. There is always a chance for crime, but the main idea is to be smart.
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