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safe and very welcoming suburban town. Top tier education, consisting of a National Blue Ribbon High School
Heavily overrated. Extremely liberal area. Affluence is overrated as well, is ranked above towns such as Franklin Lakes, NJ, Saddle River, NJ, and Greenwich, CT on the Bloomberg 100 Richest places list, yet cannot compare in the category of resident wealth. Basically a want-to-be Ridgewood with misplaced prestige and not many positives.
Glen Rock is a very safe and sheltered area. Though more diversity has been introduced in recent years, it is mostly caucasian. Education system is really important to everybody, and the school sports culture is also really heavily celebrated. The neighbors are always nice and supportive, and I love living here.
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I love the small town vibe and overall positive atmosphere in Glen Rock. I like how kids grow up together like family.
Been living here for 5 months now and couldnt be happier. Such a beautiful, clean, safe town. Everything you can possibly need is within a 10 min drive.
Glen Rock is a very safe and kid friendly town to live in. There is an excellent education system and many community activities to allow for all to get involved with others and working together. The people in Glen Rock are always very helpful and always willing to go out of their way for others.
The person who wrote that Glen Rock is so Overrated is 100 percent right. The people from other states and countries see it too and are angry. It was suppose to be that town that the New York Times featured in its newspaper back in the 1980’s and it is not. Now people move in for the schools and don’t not want to be apart of a community. They buy their homes and knock them down as an investment. Not what the town was know for a community. A place where people where in it for the long haul. Huge transformation in the past 10 years. You see it in the condition of the pool, the huge increase of drugs in the school and the problems in the police department. Buyer beware!!!!
It is more hype then substance. Not the town it once was. It is a victim of its own success. The Ridgewood envy has gotten worse because you can not buy class.
I loved growing up in Glen Rock. People here can be very friendly and I like the school environment as everyone knows each other, so you can make lots of friends. I think everyone here cares about the community and likes to support each other.
Glen Rock is a great community to raise a child. It is a small town and everyone knows each other. There is a countable number of minorities in the town and everyone is up in everyone else's business. It is so safe that people can walk alone at all times and not have to be worried. Very active community. Not many towns are cuter than Glen Rock and people who move out always stay close with the great friends they made here.
Glen Rock has some of the top schools in state, is on the train line to Manhattan, has excellent sports teams, virtually ZERO crime and the value of your homes will just continue to rise. It's truly an amazing place to raise a family. Has a cute downtown and is a stones throw away to ridgewood without all of the riff raff that comes in from neighboring towns. A+ for Glen Rock.
Nice people. Grade school not the best. Middle school is great. Too many trains to wait for. Nice stores. Good sports.
This town has got to be the most overrated town in America. I just don't get it. The restaurants are minimal and the ones that are here are below average at best. The pizza is horrible. There aren't any good shops. There is a deli and barber in the center of town... WOW... AMAZING!! Tax are absolutely horrible, among the worst in the nation and most of the residents are stuck up. It's also not close to Manhattan regardless of what people say. The parks are also a joke. You'd be better off in just about any other town in Bergen County if this is where you want to live... Paramus - great shopping/restaurants and very low taxes, Ridgewood - high taxes as well but great shopping and restaurants... I could go on and on.
Glen Rock is a wonderful place to raise a family with old world values. Everyone in the community watches out for each other and for each other's children. A step back in time when community meant something.
GR is a great little town- close to NYC & culture, easy access to mountains & the beach. Pretty streets & houses, nice people, & a cute little downtown. You know everyone & they know you (the +/- of such a small town). A bit insane for sports & academics. Students feel pressured to succeed/excel, but there is lots of support to help you. Kids from GR go to a wide variety of excellent colleges, but not many to the Ivy's.
No crime that I am aware of, very safe neighborhood.
Out of all the neighborhoods I have lived in this town is by far the most safe and cleanest town.
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My town has a typical small town feel. You can always bump into someone you know when you're in town. I'd say I see the most community spirt attending my daughters cheerleading games. I also enjoy the town parades during the summer holidays. Feeks like the whole town comes out to watch.
My town is beautiful. Lately there have been many houses for sale that are sold or under contract with in the first few weeks on the market. Most of the homes are single family homes, with a little yard, a garage, and a driveway. There are some apartments above the stores downtown. The schools are great, and we have a great downtown area with lots of fun stores and restaurants. We have two train lines that take you to the city. The problem is the taxes are very high, and houses are expensive. I'm lucky that I can live here.
I feel completely safe in my town. I am aware that there is crime in my town, but I don't see it. I know the police here are doing a great job.
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