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Very expensive but very nice place to live. School systems are great and provide great opportunities. However, there’s not much to do have to go to neighboring towns
It was a great place to grow up. A very small town that was right outside New York City, so you had the best of both worlds.
I liked the close-knit community feeling, where I feel safe and can seek help from my neighbors. As a student who attends the public school, it is highly competitive which can be stressful, but pushes me to work hard.
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Common Core State Standards math BS CRAP! How about something that is proven to work, such as Singapore Math.

Lazy teachers!!!!!!!

No STEM program.

No woodshop or metalwork classes.

They care most about their school rank. There is nothing innovative about their approach to education.

The school rank is high b/c the town is small and the parents demand performance from their kids, NOT b/c Glen Ridge provides the best education.

Large group of parents bickering over whether to apply turf or sod to their athletic fields. Wish they all puled together for a damn science lab or comp sci class.

we do have those pretty gas lanterns though
Very safe town. Town is tied in with the school and their activities very much. Right next to Montclair which is great.
Overall, Glen Ridge is a really solid town to live in. Growing up, I remember experiencing many amazing memories in the town. Many people from other towns would flock on Halloween night, because everyone in Glen Ridge really celebrate all holidays to the max. From block parties to great sports games through the well-run GRAA program, Glen Ridge truly offers kids a lot of opportunities to grow in a tight-knit community. The one draw back is that at times it can be too tight, as it has received the nickname "Glen Ridge Bubble".
I lived in Glen Ridge for all of my childhood. I loved that the community was family friendly. I wish it was more diverse.
Peaceful town, low crime, not quite as walkable as I like, but still walkable, bikeable, runable, and driveable. Nice people, I feel happy going home.
This area of New Jersey is very desirable. The schools are great, the general atmosphere is one of wealth and safety, and it is very close to New York City. There is easily accessible public transportation, has "mom and pop" shops as well as chain stores, and has almost everything one could need for a fulfilling existence within a 15 mile radius. I would love to raise my family in this area one day. Not only would I be close to my family, my children would have the opportunity to enjoy this lovely area as much as I do.
Outside of the occasional winter storm, local weather is very good in this area. There are not many floods or storms in this area.
The nightlife around this area is mostly around Montcliar, New Jersey. In this area, there are tons of restaurants and outlet stores that provide various types of food and clothing. Also in this area, there is a local club were various acts and comedians preform.
The employment around this area mostly consists of family owned businesses. Most opportunities for careers are found outside of this area. The business in this area is mostly for teens or young adults looking for summer jobs in local establishments such as the YMCA
The local businesses around this area are average at best for the most part. The restaurants have average food at moderate prices. The other local businesses vary from flower shops to pharmacies and are usually located in small mall-type areas. Most businesses in this area are located in Monticlair, New Jersey. This is where the majority of the local businesses are located. This location is the center of business in my local area.
Many options for dining out. Fancy and casual places. Ranges from affordable to expensive.
All four seasons are experienced here. Variety of all weather.
All types of businesses in surrounding towns, not in the town itself, it is mostly residential.
Safe neighborhood, thorough police force. Always feel safe.
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Crossing guards around school zones. One main road.
NYC employs many residents in this area.
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