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Great atmosphere, good school district. Lots of community events and great dining. I have lived here for 5 years and I felt welcome on the first day. Religious, athletic, and safety services have been provided and are well organized. Libraries, public transport, etc. are up to date and provide a comforting environment.
Spent my life in DuPage county & Glen Ellyn is a great place to raise a family. The property taxes are too high so we are moving. If you are relocating to the Chicago area and want a safe, family friendly neighborhood with great schools, Glen Ellyn is a winner. A great area is near the YMCA and Lincoln Elementary School District. The downtown Glen Ellyn area and park district have numerous activities for adults & kids. Downtown Trick-Treating, A cardboard boat regatta, Easter Egg hunts, etc. If you work in Chicago, it will take you an hour to get into downtown by car. You can take always take the train. College of DuPage is here and I have watched it grow over the course of my life. This is a great, safe, fun and lovely community with plenty of kids of all ages. No worries relocating here.
People are overall very friendly here and never really start any beef. A lot of my neighbors don't share the same political views as I do but none of us act contentious about them and overall we manage to get along just fine. The people here are very accepting of different cultures as we've got a mosque in the neighborhood, another across the street, and a church on the other side of the neighborhood. The school for this area (about 5-10 minutes away) is very progressive and has a pretty great program.
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forest preserves are great, pleasant to have around and walk in. The high schools are not bad, but could really use more funding and don't prioritize one school over the other. The downtown area is small and mostly unattractive aside from blackberry market and a few other signature places. Glen Ellyn Library is very nice, I love going to get books, walk around, or hang out and study with friends.
A surburan town that lacks diversity. Probably like 90% white. Although public schools are very good and just have a little more diversity because of other towns. Not affordable to live as houses average half a million. Although very safe and friendly. Has a downtown area with train going to the city.
I moved to Glen Ellyn to be closer to school. I was able to find an affordable apartment right away with great amenities at a good price. Shopping centers are close and restaurants are great.
Glen Ellyn is a small, loving town. The emphasis on local businesses is charming and you’ll never go for a walk without seeing friendly faces!
As a high school student I’m happy my family decided to move here. This area is very safe and I can leave my bike unlocked around my school. I can bike whereever I need to go without hassle or harassment. The schools here are nice with helpful staff and many programs outside school to help students pursue their careers. The metro will take you into Chicago and there are so many things to do there, so if by any chance you’re bored here that’s always an option.
Glen Ellyn has a wide variety of resturants and malls that are enough to entertain my friends and I on the weekends. The College of Dupage is right there will many events open for the public to enjoy. There is a sense of peacefulness here, with lovely parks and scenary to enjoy.
I love it! Great food and the downtown area is close to my house. I lived in Glen Ellyn a few years ago and I enjoyed it then very much. When I had the opportunity to move back I immediately took advantage of it. Both times I've lives in Glen Ellyn I feel safe and I feel like most of the people I meet are very polite and down to earth. Another favorite hidden gem of mine is the video store on Roosevelt. $2 rentals for 7 days is amazing. Also the libraries are packed with books and the computers are always available to use when I go in there.
I have lived in Glen Ellyn my entire life but have never gotten tired of the community. There are many music festivals, family based activities, parades, holiday celebrations, races and countless other programs and events that keep the residents busy, excited and connected.
Great place to grow up and great place to raise kids. I absolutely loved growing up in Glen Ellyn. It is a 30-minute drive from Chicago, making the suburb very interconnected with the city. This place provides a stable and safe community where people have opportunities to flourish.
Very nice town to raise a family. Picturesque and safe, the downtown area is very charming and you can take the train right to Chicago for cheap but everything else is over the top expensive and Boring as sin otherwise. Realestate is tricky when you want to leave and taxes are on the rise. If you like small towns, friendly neighbors, a family friendly place for kids and money isn't and issue, then this is the place to be.
I grew up in Glen Ellyn and have lived here for almost two decades. And it does not deserve the A+ rating. The people are snobby and stuck up. It's almost cult like. If you don't go to church you're not part of the "group" the soccer moms in the area actually refer to themselves as G.EM.s " glen Ellyn moms". And that crime rate is a joke. Most people don't report any personal crimes such as rape or assault because they're afraid of being and judged and the glen Ellyn police department is a joke. Pulling over and arresting teenage kids instead of actually doing something useful. Unless you crave an oppressive suburban lifestyle where men rule the roost. Don't move here.
Glen Ellyn is a great suburb of Chicago that is small enough that is small enough to make you feel like you know everyone, but there is always someone knew you could meet. It is an overall pretty undiverse town, but it is a great place to raise a family
Glen Ellyn is a very safe neighborhood. There are lots of fun shops to visit in Downtown Glen Ellyn and some very good restaurants.
It is a small town where a lot of people know each other and their are unique opportunities. The town has many unique places to go, but while they do have uniqueness it doesn’t have a lot of name brand places.
We have found Glen Ellyn to be a welcoming, tight knit community with a great sense of local pride. Perfect place to raise a family. Village has a beautiful landscape and a nice downtown with a small town vibe. An recent influx of new businesses and restaurants has us excited for the future as well!
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Great place to grow up. The town is very safe on the crime side of things. The downtown area has a lot to offer in the sense of small business shops and eateries. Overall it's easy to make friends and get accustomed to life here.
Glen Ellyn is an extremely safe and privileged community. Not much diversity, however, and people can be very superficial because of the privilege. Lots of great opportunities and resources, though.
Glen Ellyn is a western suburb of Chicago located in DuPage county.It has a fine school system and I was lucky enough to graduate from Glenbard West High School in Glen Ellyn and was a fine school.Glen Ellyn is a very historic city and around the high school and Lake Ellyn there are many homes on the historic registry and some of these homes offer tours.Beautiful homes and rich in history .Alot to do and many fine restaurants and fairs during the summer.Octoberfest celebration in October is enjoyable.In the winter skating on Lake Ellyn.Worth your wfile to visit .
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