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Gladstone is centrally located and fairly quiet. The city could use some more grocery stores and better things to do.
Gladstone is a small suburb outside of Portland, Oregon. There are cute shops to look in, a beautiful library to browse, and many places to walk around. The schools are great, the people are kind, and overall, it's a great place to live.
I fell in love with Gladstone the moment I moved here. I love how small this suburb is and how connected everyone is. The people of Gladstone love it too which makes me adore it even more.
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Its a very nice and welcoming community to newcomers with community events either nearby or in town happening frequently. Easy access is available to natural parks, small community centers, and religious resources for those interested. A naturally beautiful area for those who visit or live in the area.
Gladstone is a great small town community. It has lots of charm and has lots of great small town restaurants and stores. It is a short drive away from Portland, the beach and the mountains. You can walk down to the river and bike all over. It's a great place for schools and growing up.
Gladstone is a small friendly city. The neighborhood is very safe and pleasant. The community is small and friendly. We have one elementary, one middle school and one high school.
Gladstone is a charming suburb of Portland, close to Milwaukie and Oregon City. It's filled with family-oriented folks, and is a great place to live and feel safe.
Gladstone is a small community with many of the residents being here most of their lives. It's a nice quiet place to live and is close to Portland.
Gladstone is so family-friendly and has some great access to public parks! Traffic is becoming more of an issue, but this is related more to the growing population of Portland.
Gladstone is a wonderful community. It is right off the freeway for easier commuting, the schools are really good and there are a lot of parks and churches.
I love living in Gladstone. It is a great place to raise a family. Lots of family parks and walking close to the river. Close to the freeway and in a central location.
Gladstone is a perfect location to get basically anywhere in the Portland Metro Area. It still needs a little fixing up but its a great little community.
I like the smaller city feel, but would still be able to get to Portland very easily. We moved here with my in laws last year and it's been great.
Though there are areas that tend to have some homeless and crime, the school district is good with lots of resources, and it has a great community feel. There are lots of safe roads to walk on and plenty of good eats. Whether you want pizza, Italian, bar food or fast food there is something for you in Gladstone; there is also a yummy shave ice place that opened up last summer. Overall I have fallen in love with Gladstone and currently am looking for a house so I can stay here myself. It's a smaller community feel amongst the large Portland suburbs. A town I would recommend for a family or someone wanting a quieter feel
Gladstone is a extremely nice suburban town. There are enough people to make the possibility to meet new people every day present, but is small enough to not have the stress of increase crime rates constantly picking at the back of one's mind. The roads are well maintained and traffic is kept to a minimum, though there are thousands of people, it is always possible to find a back-road to move around traffic. The presence of police is always enough to keep hooligans and problem-causers away, yet never so apparent that people feel as though they are always watched. One of the greatest qualities of Gladstone is that it is simply a stones-throw away from anything someone could possibly wish to do. It is very close to the city of Portland, yet is also near the gravel back roads of Molalla, Oregon. It is a very quiet, very quaint town.
Very safe place to raise a family.
Accepting of transracial and adoptive families.
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Gladstone kinda sucks. It's really small and there isn't anything to do. My neighbor was a drug dealer in high school, his best friend down the street did heroin. There was a halfway house and a tweaker house at the end of my street. But all those things are gone now. We've had a couple break-in's in the apartment complex. The police used to make daily rounds.
I love the city of Gladstone! It's been a great small town to live in. It's nice walking down the streets and knowing most people. Living in a small town is so cool because everyone really comes together when things are going on in town. My favorite thing growing up is going to football games on Friday nights and seeing the whole town there supporting and being with each other. I wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else. There is not much to do IN Gladstone but plenty to do around and not too far away.
Taxes go to useless construction that is overpriced
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