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I would like to see the community become safer for all children and residents. I think Girard has a higher crime rate than other communities near it. It is not safe to raise children here.
There is not much to Girard, Oh. The biggest attraction is a hot dog shoppe. Too many people are afraid to drive through town because the cops sit there and mail you a ticket. Alot of closed down buildings, empty grocery store, ect. They are fixing some roads and the school is newer.
Girard is fine Midwestern town. It feels pretty safe, there are a select variety of activities both in and around the city to participate in, and people are friendly for the most part! It is really not a bad place to grow up in!
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I have only lived here a few months but I am impressed with the city. The
neighborhood I live in is quiet and I have freeway access to just about anywhere. There are many places to eat and socialize nearby. Also downtown Girard is very easy to get around. The schools I hear are very good. I love living here. I sit on my porch daily and watch the world go by.
I like how Girard puts on a lot of community events through out the year. Another thing I liked about Girard is the schools. The schools are very nice, and well taken care of. I also like the fact that Girard is repaving their roads. The only thing that I do not like is, how there is not that many job opportunities.
its an enjoyable small town. It has a wonderful high school football team as well as a wonderful catholic church located right in its heart.
I enjoy the easy commute, but wish that their was a better night life. I enjoy the easy commute from point A to point B, but there is not to much of a night life. Sure there are a few bars, but most of them are down in Youngstown, which is a short commute
The city of Girard is a very small town that needs alot of changes. There are not enough resources in this town to help the people that are in need. What I do like about it is that us it well kept and clean as well as a safe area.
The crime isn't really a problem. There are some minor cases, nothing too life threatening.
The area is nice to me because it is my home and I feel comfortable here, but it is lacking in downtown activities. There isn't much to do here.
This area is known for its high rate crime and drug scandals. Due to the closeness of the community, the police have an extremely present presence but this also makes heir jobs seem like serious or casual.
For being such a small area, it is a great place to live and raise a family but it is also easy for people to become trapped. Certain neighborhoods are better than others, and personal safety could be questionable in those worse off areas, but overall it is a great small-town to raise a family and experience traditional Italian culture
It's a rural quite area but not far from the city.It has a good school system full of opportunity. Their are many warehouse jobs available. The amount of actual law enforcement prevalent make the citizens feel at ease
Overall I have lived here my whole life. I do like it here. I think that there's good things and bad things about this area just like any other town. We are starting to get a lot more trashy people moving in this town though. That does get annoying. Cops are mostly good for the most part. The school is pretty decent, can be improved though.
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