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For entertainment and attractions, people in the city generally have to drive out to neighboring cities in order to attend places like shopping centers (malls), restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Due to the lack of entertainment and attractions this city is typically not inhabited by tourists.
While I am not extensively aware of the job opportunities in the area it seems to be neither better or worse than the other surrounding cities.
Overall parking, walkability, and the quality of transportation are good, however, there are some areas that have been prone to car and pedestrian accidents. Congestion is typically not an issue except when schools are let out throughout the school year.
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There is a newly built affordable gym ($50 a year with proof of city residency) and a new clinic (which includes urgent care, women's health, and pediatrics). There is a decent sized park (which include fields for soccer and baseball as well as a playground for children). Usually young teens and adults (at times mostly males) are seen at the park playing--soccer being the most typical.
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