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Garland I like a land filled with colorful flowers , of different enthicity and different culture one thing that I want to change about garland is its job opportunities and also the pollution from the air.
I live nearby, convenient to dining and shopping love the school district and as of right now I cannot find anything to change about Garland.
If you LOVE the eye sore of tote the note car lots down every major street, then Garland is your place.
If you LOVE horrible roads, then Garland is your place.
If you LOVE that old 50's-60's industrial town feel, then Garland is your place.
If you LOVE a city that looks very weathered, then Garland is your place.
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I have been living in Garland for 10yrs now and have loved GISD for my family and I. I love the public transportation (DART) it makes it so easy to get around.
The thing I like about Garland is the quietness that it includes. This city provides a sufficient amount of food places and restaurants, gyms, and also one of the most well known mall, Firewheel Mall. The thing I would mostly change in Garland is to provide more fun places around the area. Most of the fun places such as Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are located in Arlington, Texas, where it would also be nice and easier if they had fun places like that around the Garland area.
The city of Garland can best be described as a diamond in the rough. It continues to expand its diversity and foundations through the help of its government, moreover becoming more pleasing to the eye. The seven Garland public schools are considered to be one of the best education systems in Texas, guaranteeing students to excel in and out of the usual classroom setting. This is accompanied by the help of the new Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center, which not only provides students to experience a variety of real working environments but also helps the student gain a better understand and become more comfortable with future jobs. Job opportunities can definitely be improved considering there is an immense amount of stores and restaurants that are available.
Garland is a big town with a small town feel. It is very safe and the town is growing. I would like to see more activity's to do at night.
Because I have lived in Garland for as long as I can remember I do not have anything else to compare it to other than what I see on the media. It is not an exciting city nor is it very safe on the streets. However, compared to cities and suburbs near me, I cannot complain. It is a city of simple and humble life. Not very much entertainment or fun in a suburb like Garland, but it had taught me patience and has kept me out of trouble.
I love that I can build relationships with my neighbors. Garland also fills with many good places to eat.
Garland is such a big city with everything you need around you. There are plenty of schools to choose from. I think there needs to be some construction for some areas roads.
Nice community, the people around are eco-friendly. The schools and clubs are all involved with one another, independently or with companies across town. The local libraries are very resourceful for various projects.
Garland is a friendly outgoing community. The festivals that are held in downtown are amazing for family gatherings. Garland is a very clean and respectful area.
Garland isn't really considered a classy place. There are very many rundown areas and not safe neighborhoods. Some areas though, i would say are family friendly.
Garland is an amazing place to live in it calm and have many trees. School is fun and houses look petty. Garland is a very neat neighborhood.
I have lived in Garland all my life. I’m sad to be leaving to go to college I will miss it here. The overall community is great but things could be changed. There is a lot of cleaning that could be helpful because of trash it makes the streets not appealing.
I like Garland, because I am a teenager, and don't mind as much commotion. I would not live here If I were a parent and had to choose an area to raise my family. In my opinion, crime is getting worse, and so are the roads. I have lived here for 13 years and for the past 7 years which is when I have really been paying attention, there's always something crazy going on.
It is an average neighborhood that just provides the minimum that one would want in a neighborhood. There is things to do but not a place that one would come to for a spacial event. The environment or vibe I would like is definitely not here but its okay for my current state. It has a old town feeling that some might not like and its a mix of ugly and decent places. The community is very close and we are like a family.
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I have lived in Garland, Texas for most of my life. The Garland Independent School District is great because it's a district that lets people choose the school they want to attend. If you end up not liking the school you get placed in, you can always change it because everyone get's a choice of school form at the end of every school year. I find Garland to be very affordable, but the nightlife isn't too interesting. Since there isn't many job opportunities, I have to go to Dallas to get a job, but that isn't too bad.
Certain cops are very rude. But overall the city is a nice place to live. The older houses have a lot of plumbing issues due to the old copper.
I like in Garland and my neighborhood is very quiet, and I would say that it is safe. There are usually not a lot of police around my area, which i think is a good sign, but they are still pretty timely in responding to emergencies. There are recreation centers nearby, but the parks could be nicer.
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