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I'm biased because it's my hometown but anyways I personally love the area. It's really suburban but there're great things to find if you just look for them. Best selection of Vietnamese food in the area, obviously. The only drawback I would say is there is literally no downtown.
Overall not very loud/party heavy. Pretty quiet, although some poor drivers in the area. Also there is good food and lots to explore within the area. Crimes rate is growing slightly so possible change in law enforcement could be for the better.
I have lived in Garden Grove my entire life and so far have enjoyed living here. Garden Grove is truly a diverse community that allows local business to contribute to the diversity. Attending publics schools in this community has allowed to be further my education career while also learning skills in leadership and responsibility. However, throughout the years the affordability in this city has decreased, making it hard to plan a future life here. I hope Garden Grove continues being an enjoyable environment in order for me to make the sacrifice in continuing to live here.
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Lived here for many years highly recommended to anyone looking to raise a family. As I went to elementary, middle school and high school. Currently still a resident as I get college finished with.
Garden Grove is a safe town, with a supportive and inclusive community. It is a place where people feel comfortable around one another and celebrate each other's diversity and success.
Not much traffic here, the public systems are average; however, the real estate here is unaffordable.
Garden Grove public schools have extraordinary teachers who go above and beyond to serve as mentors to their students. I had the opportunity to create lasting relationships with some of my former teachers who guided me when I had family, personal, and/or school problems. Aside with the fact that residents of Garden Grove are friendly, I believe teacher mentorship is one of the city’s biggest gem.
I enjoy that it is so cultured, I am vietnamese and around me are a lot of vietnamese stores and restaurants. It is a fairly safe place to be and it never gets very loud. The traffic is never that bad either. There are always new buildings being built and the roads are being fixed for better performance.
I have been going to school in the Garden Grove area for over ten years and I am overall pleased with how safe the area surrounding my school as well as the diversity and the lively environment in Garden Grove.
It is a little bit dirty in this city, and there is evidence of poverty in some places. However, the place itself does have liveable standards. There are some good food places, and the race diversity here is much better than in most places. There are a lot of asians living in this area.
First off, housing is absolutely terrible. The homes in my neighborhood are running for 650k+. These are not really nice houses by the way, they are cookie cutter homes. Every house looks almost identical and the yards are crap. Second, the weather is....okay. If you want to get away from snow all year long or something then it would be nice here, but basically the weather is very monotone. You are not going to be getting the four seasons and it is sunny all year long. I mean ALL YEAR LONG. Of course there are always those couple days of the year where it rains, but the rain here is very light. Third, I am not one that cares too much about this topic, but the diversity here is outstanding. I am minutes away from any type of food/culture that I want to be around. Lastly, I would like to point out the traffic. This one is a big deal for me, and I absolutely cannot stand it here. The intersections are also horribly designed.
Garden Grove is near by Disney Land and the beach, theres many places to visit near around and good tourist spots.
Its a great city, with many opportunities to find. The people are very friendly, and there are many places to visit, many great food places as well.
My experience living in Garden Grove has been great. I love how everything is super close. For example Knotts Berry Farm,Disney land, the mall is less than 30 mins. away.
I like how the community is very diverse but everyone gets along. I've lived here my whole life and I plan to live here in the future.
I love the people of Garden Grove and its scenery. Garden Grove is very homey and lacks violence, unlike many other cities within the Southern area. Garden Grove has been my home for over 17 years and I have always felt safe.
I like garden grove because everybody is so friendly and it is very diverse which is good, plus it is close to a lot of things like Disneyland.
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Garden Grove feels like a home to me, everyone is friendly. The city itself is diverse. The schools are very welcoming and the education at the schools has a variety of options for students to study a career they are interested in. The area itself is nice and clean.
Garden Grove has a great influx of diversity amongst the Asian and Hispanic community, however lacks within other categories of race. I also believe that Garden Grove has diverse options of resource within Food. Traffic is hectic normally around rush hour depending on where you go, but that is the same way amongst other cities. After being in the Garden Grove Unified School District for the past 11 years, I've grown to notice the lack of funding and resources that the schools provide for their students. Schools such as Bolsa Grande do not push for an emphasis on students mental health, and lacks resources for underprivileged students. Overall, Garden Grove is a nice area to live in, its fairly quiet and there is an abundance of places to eat within proximity.
It has a lot of Vietnamese restaurants and boba stores so I have no problem finding a place to eat or hang out with my friends. I live here and I find it very convenient.
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