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Clean and safe. People are like "omg its so diverse here". Its about 40/50 mexican/white. With a little bit of other things. Very rarely do you see anyone who isn't mexican or white. That is not diversity. If this town had some scenery and better weather it would get 4 or 5 stars. Great free zoo. Great cheap indoor Waterpark. Not diverse though, if you're into that lol.
The town is growing and the community is wonderful! Lots of new businesses are opening and new homes are being made. Garden City is diverse and welcoming, violence is rare. I was a student for seven years here and schools take great care and interest in the student's learning and success.
Garden City is the town I was born and raised in. It is a town that is very diverse and it is expanding quickly. It is a town that I will always get to call home!
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Garden City Kansas is a fair size town for some peace and comfort. there are lots of job opportunities and it is constantly growing and improving. I would love to see more activities or places for kids to play and get together.
Garden City is my hometown and I wouldn’t change it for a thing, but there is one thing I would change and that is having more places to hangout with friends or fun activities.
It’s a great place to live for someone who enjoys smaller cities. It’s also easy to get to know a lot of people due to the size.
Garden City is definitely growing and expanding, which is great. Overall, the town is relatively clean. There are plenty of shops and businesses, however they could update and or add more restaurants. There could also be more things to do, as far as entertainment and activities. Housing is also quite expensive here, compared to other cities in Kansas.
Garden City is a fairly big city in Southwest Kansas. Out of the big three (Dodge and Liberal) Garden is the best to live in. However, a recent escalation in drug use has been an issue. A lack of places to eat is also a problem and the number of residents here is increasing each day. The only issue is Housing. If you want to buy a house, good luck! The housing market is ridiculously expensive compared to the jobs that are offered. Garden City is a mixing pot and you get the different races and cultures all in one town. Police department is excellent here.
Garden City has a lot to offer for a small town. Most of the amenities one would need without having to leave the town. If it weren't so far from my family, I would stay for longer. Comfortable living, although real estate prices are a bit higher than would be expected in a small town. Too many people for the places to live and rent is very high for a single person looking to live on their own.
Garden City is a very nice diverse town with great culture. Living here is fairly expensive but it has good job opportunities. I just wish they had more healthy food options and stores.
Garden city was the first place I visited on my arrival to the United States, I did not have any expectations going in as I wanted to have an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised with Garden City and what the town had to offer along with the diversity. The locals were very welcoming and I truly felt like this small town was my home from home.
Experiences had while living in Garden City is the amount of diversity and culture that makes Garden City unique. The people are friendly, respectful, and helpful. The community is comes together when people need assistance, people have opportunities to grow in a ever growing town like this. The college's education systems gives people a chance to get a degree while still living and raising kids/grandchildren. Overall my experiences while living here are great and the community is something peaceful and calm. I highly recommend people to move here if you are wanting to spend more time with family or looking to bring a new experience to Garden.
I like how diverse Garden is. There are so many different ethnicities. I really enjoy meeting knew people and getting to learn about their religion. Garden has several amazing stores and places for teens and young adults to hang out. Garden's a really good place.
I have lived all my life in Holcomb/Garden City, KS. Garden City has grown but slowly especially with the economic difficult times. The taxes are higher because of the new school built and other plans in the city. Many of those are not necessary.
There are more things to do in my hometown/town I currently live in. There are more things to do, such as food truck friday(first friday of the month), parades, etc.
When I was four year seven old I moved to Garden City Ks, from Greeley Colorado to live a better lifestyles. Garden City was a very small innocent town when I moved here, Garden had a fun center and still has a theatre for the kids but as the years went on Garden turned into something innocent to something unbelievable the crimes went up, and as someone who grew up here it’s still hard to believe, but Garden City is still and affordable place that for me is just too well know for me to leave.
I love this city but I think we need more building for the city look more beautiful and I think we need another high school and middle school and a new hospital because here the hospital doesn't have enough thing for take care for the patients and the patients have to travel to another cities for take care of they health and sometimes the people don't have enough money for travel to another city that is what I think we need.
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I recently moved to garden and have not found one thing that I don't like about it. Everything is within minutes of my house
Great small town to grow up in. Just big enough to get a City feel but still small enough to have that friendly atmosphere. The city is growing and always adding new stores and activities.
Garden City, KS is a great small city with all the things you need. The city has grown so much from when I was a child. We have son,any new stores that have open the last few years. There is a great diversity of people living in Garden City and so many great cultures.
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