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Gallup is a small community, I enjoy that it is slow paced and it is family oriented.I don't like that there is not alot of opportunities for younger people.
It is a nice small town. For me it is too small and it is very hard to find a job out here. I plan to move to a bigger city like Albuquerque to find a job and better my chances.
I do not like Gallup, the culture is vastly different than what I am used to and I live in drunk town, USA. Never have I seen so many drunks per capita, all over the place, all times of the day, it is utterly ridiculous.
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The only drunks are the native americans and they live on the reservation and come in just to drink. Unless you are the type of person that loves to hang out in front of fast food restaurants and dingy hotels, you will hardly ever encounter these people and they will leave you alone. All the crime is also due to the native americans and they only bother their own kind. If your not native american then they leave you alone and Gallup is a very safe city.
Gallup is a wonderful place. If you're driving through, you will get the impression of a dingy town but once you get off the 66 (mostly old hotels and fast food) and into the neighborhoods it is a very safe and family friendly town. Definitely has that small town charm you won't find in the bigger cities. The town has a larger than normal % of business owners and medical staff (private hospital and a large IHS hospital). The schools are average, but nothing to be concerned about. We have lots of friends and plan on being here for years to come.
What I like about Gallup is the diversity. Gallup is culturally rich and always have so many native american events during the week. If I could change anything about Gallup it would be the negation impact alcohol has on our community.
I was born and raised in Gallup, NM. The schooling there has a small budget which leads to less opportunities to grow academically. Job opportunities in the community are terrible which leads to many people seeking work elsewhere. The townspeople are the best thing about Gallup. With Gallup being such a small place it does have a sense of neighborly love.
Gallup, NM is off the Navajo Reservation and a town on Interstate 40. Great place, great food and great people! This town is full of local history and culture.
Gallup is an okay place. It is a very small town that could use some work. The scenery itself is very nice.
I was born and raised in Gallup, NM. I went to school at Red Rock Elementary, Gallup Middle School, and graduated from Gallup High School in 1989. My classmates are terrific as they have gone on to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, counselors, and homemakers. Our reunions are fun and we never stopped being hometown supporters in all of the diverse culture activities.
Gallup is an ever growing community in New Mexico. It is very rich in culture as it is an hour from the Zuni reservation and thirty minutes from the Navajo reservation. Once a year they have a parade to celebrate all types of Native Americans and their traditions. You have the opportunity to witness all of the traditional dances and you even get to see the rare white buffalo at the very end. It's an absolutely beautiful show. As if that isn't enough, they're one of the few active route 66 survivors. Still displaying nearly all of the original store fronts.
Touristy town. Doesn't offer much all year round. Highlights is the downtown district with various shops which include Native American crafts, variety of restaurants, and downtown events. There could be improvements to the way it looks. It is under renovation to provide a more pleasing atmosphere.
This is my hometown since birth. I used to hate on it so much I wanted to move, so I did. I later found out, after failing school only to come back, that it is a part of me that I will never let go. The large variety of ethnicity, food and culture attracts people from as far as Maine and Florida out to our annual Intertribal Ceremonial celebration! As well as the dark side no one pays attention to, which is why one star is missing. "Drunk Town USA" it was once called, and we surely live up to it. Although i urn for something more brighter and far imagined from this town i grew from. I came back to learn who I was and where I rooted from. Now i wish to travel and share my culture and diverse knowledge with the rest of the world! If this scholarship may be awarded, it would definitely help boost a girl out of endless despair.
Thank you
Gallup is full of history, traditions, and culture. It is a place were you can visit fun events like rodeo and festivals.
This is an old railroad town. A lot of alcoholism in the community. There are some great churches, though. Some great trails for biking in the mountains.
Good town I like it there some nice people there's some nice places to go look around it's very busy that's what I like about Gallup and nice and quiet
Gallup, New Mexico is a safe environment from criminal and also natural disasters. The people are friendly, and outgoing residents, the neighbors are spotless and clean. Gallup has a wonderful view of the cultural grounds and the mountains, this town has been dedicated with it beauty, how people celebrate their traditional heritage with cookout.
Every august, Gallup, New Mexico host a parade for all people, which is called the inter-tribal ceremony where different tribe host their traditional dances and amazing outfits they design. So if you decide to visit Gallup there lots to do like movies, activities, museum also the historical of Gallup, also the amazing view of the Church Rock mountain.
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Gallup in a nice little town. Summers are the best, as they town government has lots of great summer day/night time events going. The surrounding area has great hiking trails. Great weather.
Gallup is a small border town with a very diverse cultural population, with Native Americans from many different tribes, as a majority.
Gallup has many outside activities: trails for running, hiking and biking.
Community celebrations: Like the Ceremonial parade and festivities, Nightly Indian Dances, Arts Crawl, High School sports and many more.
It is a small town with not a lot to do unless your into the outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Unfortunately, panhandling has become quite the norm around here.

Gallup has been adding new restaurants within the last couple of years. It would be nice to see more stores open up for more employment opportunities.
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