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Gaithersburg, Maryland is an amazing and peaceful town in which I was raised my whole life. Now as a college student, it baffles me and astonished me how I come from a small town in which I was able to do so many things in order to get to where I am which is at the University of Central Florida. Gaithersburg is a great place where I was able to grow up and have a great childhood and transition to a young adulthood. Gaithersburg allowed for great memories and opportunities for everyone who lived in the town and even around it. There have been famous people who has come from the town and it's great to see it. Overall, Gaithersburg is an amazing town and always will be.
Gaithersburg is a great city that is accompanied by Germantown and Rockville. Everything is nearby and you can take this bus to about anywhere. This bs also travels between Rockville and Germantown with ease.
One aspect of my city that I absolutely love is the diversity. Gaithersburg is known to be one of the most diverse cities in the United States. People of different cultures, ethnicity, and backgrounds come from all over the world. Though racism still exists in our country, people of Gaithersburg tend to be more accepting and caring than any other place I've been to thus far. The cost of living is a little expensive, however, if you ever want to visit, I highly suggest you do. The cultural diversity is breath taking.
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There are parts of Gaithersburg that are wealthier and parts that are less so. I think it would benefit everyone to re-vamp the school, if you will, so that children get a better education. The schools in this district are some of those known for drugs and poor performance. I think giving a more quality education will help people later on in life. However, easy access to public transportation and shops is there. That's great.
Provides many opportunities for family and friends. A good place to raise a family. Good housing opportunities and housing assistance. Gaithersburg is a diverse city. I highly recommend Gaithersburg to live in.
Gaithersburg is one of the most diverse cities in America. If you're looking to live, or raise a family in the Washington D.C. area, Gaithersburg is is the right location for you
Gaithersburg is a nice area. Like other cities, it has it's bad areas, but there are lots of dedicated friendly people.
Here in Gaithersburg it is very peaceful. The houses are spaced out, creating an environment where people can be comfortable in their own space. Not too mention it is a very safe surrounding.
Gaithersburg Maryland is a historical and quiet town in Maryland. Less than it's high-profile neighbors, the town is inconspicuous yet extremely diverse and high-valued. As a part of Montgomery County, it has the reputation of one of the best public school systems in the US and being one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the Nation
When I first moved here in elementary school, I was upset. I was in a new place with no friends, going to a new school. Fast Foward about 10 years and I love it here. The schools and academic opportunities are endless if you're willing to work for it. I also have a parttime job and many places to hang out with my friends.
My favorite thing about Gaithersburg is all of the restaurants we have to offer and the History. I love how you can go to the MARC station and see historic trains. I love that city hall is in a quaint little part of Gaithersburg. I would love to see the older neighborhoods in Gaithersburg revitalized to spread the wealth that the newer neighborhoods or shopping centers receive.
It's a safe, family friendly town with lots of shopping and attractions. It's a very diverse town with everything you want and need minutes away. There are lots of parks and recreation for people of all ages. The schools are great.
I love Gaithersburg because it is a town where all people smile. The neighbors all are happy about their lawns and their houses because many are renting it; however, if I were to say one thing, I would think this city will be better off with less dog waste on the ground.
Gaithersburg is an overall very good city with lots of things to do and great people. You will find a lot of diversity in schools and within the community. There are some areas of Gaithersburg that aren't very safe at night, but a large portion of Gaithersburg is very safe, and not too busy. It is also a growing city with lots of job opportunities available to people. I could live here for the rest of my life if I wanted to.
After living in Gaithersburg for only a few months i can already tell how diverse it is and clean. There are a lot of different great places to eat, many job opportunities and has a great public school system.
The area is very diverse and community oriented. The area is small and keeps it's town image alive to this day.
I love this town because i’ve lived here my entire life, but there’s always something going on, whether it is construction, an accident, firetrucks, police sirens which can be annoying at night. But overall i love it here. You can get to places easily via any form of transportation and even walking.
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Its an upcoming town. Town center is being revitalized. New developments with many new restaurants. A lot of diversity. Traffic is poor and overcrowded.
Gaithersburg has its ups and downs. There's a lot to do, but it's still Maryland so it will never be as fun as, say, California. Logic is from here, so that's cool.
Gaithersburg itself is not very great, but the Kentlands/Lakelands neighborhood is lovely. Everything is walkable and visually pleasing. A lot of locally owned places instead of big chains. Have been hearing of a lot of changes happening though that residents do not want and might make it worse.
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