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This area is very diverse, medium income families, low crime, and great schools. There are a variety of stores, banks, and things to do. You could live and work within 5 Miles.
We have lived here since 2007 and have watched to community grow with intention while maintaining excellence for schooling and family living.
I don't feel unsafe in this area whatsoever. I have no problem going out late as long as I am north of downtown.
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This is a very suburban area great for raising a family. However, it might not be very ideal for the young adult/recent college graduate because of its lack of "adventurous" or "exciting" opportunities.
I only have heard of two really bad accidents causing death in the 19 years I have been living here. Therefore, my neighborhood is quite safe.
I really enjoy where I live. I love taking walks with my dog around my neighborhood. There are many great, safe places to walk at any time of the day or night without feeling endangered. There are ponds, preserved lands, condominiums, and playgrounds. Since I live in between two different subdivisions, I have to opportunity to enjoy the benefits of subdivisions while enjoying a lot more land than a normal home in a subdivision. This has been my only home, but I really enjoy it. I hope that my neighborhood will continue to be a safe place in the future.
Where I live the crime is very low, but as you drive a couple of miles and get closer to the big city there is definitely a rise in crime. With that being said I feel safe in by city, but driving a couple miles closer to the big city my safety is more of a priority and I have to watch to make sure I am in a safe area at all times.
This has been a very enjoyable place to grow up and I would definitely raise a family here. There are good rated schools, many job opportunities in the area, and being so close to a big city is very convenient. With that being said Byron Center is a very safe area to live, but as you get into neighboring communities you still have to watch your safety just like any other big city. Even though I love this city and everything it has done for me, it is changing and being more industrialized. A new mall was just put in and I see this as just the beginning of more businesses and companies moving into Byron Center in the near future.
To crowded compared to the early years.
Very low crime rate. Of my few years(under 30) living here, the worst that has happened is a pop bottle rocket blowing a mailbox up. You can feel safe all the time walking around. Police if needed are very responsive along with medical and fire.
Very safe community living area. Perfect location for your average household needs. Within minutes of two grocery stores, several restaurants, and other stores. Very low crime rate around the area. People are very respectful of one another. Roads are in good condition along with the presentation of each household. Schools are very accessible from each household nearby. Close knit community.
Very little crime. If there is crime its very minor
I think it is a great place to raise a family in.
Living in Grand Rapids okay because they have great school with great teachers and students. Plus, they have amazing store and many jobs for people. However, they still need many jobs for people who does not know how to speak English and have no experience enough to get the jobs that they wanted. Overall, this city is amazing and beautiful especially when fall seasons.
There is a good feeling about a lot of the people here, and almost everyone here seems to be happy and ready to greet others. I would live here again if I could choose. This state is one of the best in the country aside from the weather.
Hundreds of local fast food places with a variety of healthy filling options, or you can decide to go somewhere that tastes better but may not be as healthy. There are all reasonably priced as well.
A lot of people do not have jobs in the area but that is because they are not applying themselves. I always can see job wanted and hiring posters/banners and can easily find jobs for side money through craigslist doing what I love.
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The law enforcement in this area is great along with amber alerts being displayed everywhere and I feel our local representatives are doing a great job at keeping this going.
I can usually seem to find what I am looking for at a cheap price at from a variety of nearby stores, all of which are popular to people I know who recommended them to me.
Very nice area, most very friendly if you talk to them.
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