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Although Fuquay is not very diverse, its citizens due have a very tight knit community that you do not see in other towns.
Fuquay is a very sweet and authentic town only 30 minutes from Raleigh. The downtown area has a handful of small mom & pa shops that have quality food or products. Plenty of great restraunts & bars in the downtown and surrounding area as well. There's a clean and spacious dog park down one of the back roads that offers free water for your dogs. Grocery stores such as ALDI, Harris Teeter, and Walmart are within reasonable viscinty. A very quiet and quaint town. The crime rate is near the average of all cities and town in America with 1 in 67 people becoming a victim. The police station is smack in the middle of the town. Most of the job oppotunities you'll find will be in Raleigh unless you are planning on working in a restraunt or grocery store.
I've been living in Fuquay Varina since I was a little kid.It's a great town but there's little to do for fun.
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I love living in Fuquay Varina its a very quaint little town! I would say that the community is family friendly. My biggest issue with this area is that its definitely a good distance from a lot of the surrounding areas such as Raleigh and Cary.
Fuquay Varina is a very small town with a friendly community! We keep growing and growing every single day. I love Fuquay so much because we have the most fast food restaurants!
I like Fuquay Varina, throughout the recent years, our population grew and so did our city. New buildings and citizen involvement were focused on by our officials.
Fuquay-Varina is one of the many small suburban areas of North Carolina experiencing major growth. Alongside Apex and Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina is seeing a large influx of people coming to the area, either to settle down or visit for the weekend. This surge of interest is bringing a lot of benefits to both the occupants and the visitors, and many who stop by the first time often come back.
Very family friendly, but offers lots of bars for adults. Area is starting to boom. Lots of development.
This is a town that cares about its residents, has fun events during the year, and is up for changes
Fuquay gives you that small town feel. It is hard to be disappointed with how conveniently close everything is. The only thing that is frustrating is how congested traffic can get. However, I feel like the city is taking measures to help alleviate that issue.
I love the size of Fuquay. It's not too small but big enough to have everything you need. Everyone knows each other and it has a family feel to it. Downtown has the best places to eat and shop. High school football on friday nights is what everyone looks forward to in the fall. You meet your best friends here and the memories that are made here are priceless. You are in the middle of everything. Raleigh is only 30 minutes away and Cary is only 20 and holly springs, which has everything is right up the road. Everyone in the community is so warm and welcoming. Having experience volunteering in the town, everyone in the town wants to give back and it is such a humbling feeling knowing your town has the same goal in mind. I've danced at the same dance studio since I was five years old right in town. It's become home to me and i've made friends that will last a lifetime.
I love this city! I do not feel unsafe at all and feel comfortable walking, running, etc by myself. As a younger female, that is something that is important to me when looking for a place to live! This suburb is the perfect blend of a smaller town feel, but yet being similar to Raleigh. It is big enough to have a lot of food options, but small enough to not be "in the mix" of a large city. It is beautiful around here as well.
Living in Fuquay-Varina is quite nice. The town has definitely grown since I first moved in 2008. The community here is very endearing. I really love it here.
I have lived in Fuquay since 1998. I went to middle school and high school here. I enjoy Fuquay. I have had no trouble with anyone living here. There are quite a few places to shop but it is not a shopping centre, just a thriving town with lots to do. I liked my school experience.
Fuquay is a nice place to live. I have lived there for six years, and in those six years, a lot of construction has taken place. Which for me is a good thing because there is more to do.
Fuquay is awesome! Cheap to live, close to everything, small town charm! I love living here and cant wait to raise kids here!
Fuquay is my childhood home. I have alot of fond memories growing up there. Family was always important to me and the people I grew up with and I've always loved that. Growing up there, the whole community was your family and we looked out for each other. Fuquay is much bigger now but still offers that family feel. The growth has brought alot of jobs to the area which is good. The traffic is somewhat of a problem now, but they are working on making that better.
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I love living here! The town is small but very nice and the history behind it is very interesting. It's easy to get around to places and has many options. It's not too far from other towns. Fuquay is continuously growing!
Fuquay Varina is a tight knit diverse community filled with life, activities and driven individuals. Home to many, it’s reputation of upholding a safe environment for all attracts many to the area. Home to stressing the importance of education, such as hosting annual events of drinking and driving awareness, allows individuals to grow and have opportunities to participate in many events, extracurricular activities and volunteer services that shape the youth of tomorrow.
Small town with not much to do. Nothing stays open after 9pm. You have to go to other cities for things to do
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