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My overall experience has been satisfying. Both my parents were born and raised in and around Fulton. After years in college, they came back to this area to start their careers as educators and build a family. They provided me with community experiences that helped to shape who I am today. For example, my family exposed me to the importance of spirituality. I have to learn to have faith and be apart of my church by volunteering to publicly read, clean the church and provide meals for people who are impoverished.
Its ok, not the best town ive ever lived in- but not the worse! I am actually already thinking about leaving and moving somewhere different!
There is nothing substantial in the area, it mostly consists of fast food chains at this point. Though that makes for initial job searches for high schoolers easy, this does not create an inviting atmosphere for career seeking adults. We have also managed to lose most of our grocery options in the area save for Walmart (which is the practically the most popular location in the area) and Price Chopper.
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Everything is close together in the town so you can walk to most places. However it's falling on hard economic times.
It is a small town and easy access to a larger city for shopping and employment. Generally a safer place to live and usually most people know one another and have lived here for years. They have lost many factories over the years which gave Fulton an edge in employment, but they are hanging on.
I love the small town feel and have lived in Fulton for over 30 years. My husband and I have raised three children here. We love the schools and the overall sense of community and neighborliness!
I've lived here my whole life (24 years) I've never had any problems living here and even though it's a small town I love it here and it always feels like home.
Having lived in Fulton for 4 years now I think I can at least comment on what the city is like. It's really a mixed bag, like most cities, but perhaps people are cynical of Fulton because it used to be an upbeat area, but has lost much of its wealth in recent years. There are some gems here, some nice, quiet, and hidden away neighborhoods that would never find. However, the downtown is underwhelming. the towns center has suffered from the Urban Renewal project. The old buildings the older generation grew up around are gone, there are only a few remnants that survived that national project. There is definitely poverty here, but it isn't especially sectioned off into rich and poor neighborhoods. One section of a block may be well maintained and clean houses, and in between may be run down, dirty residences. Its certainly a buyers market, but it may be hard to sell a house down the road, it seems like there is a slow exodus out of town.
Fulton provided me a lot of great opportunities growing up including several youth programs, a quality education, and a safe community. Loss of industry has knocked the city down financially and therefore in morale as well, but several volunteer groups aiming to restore the city are slowly but surely bringing back the shine. I will raise my family here proudly, as I am thankful for my hometown!
Not much left in former industrious town. Housing market stinks. Would like to see more jobs come back.
We have a bowling alley and a very mini golf course, that's it.
I recently went on ride along with our city police and we rode down all the roads even the dead ends.
This city has a lot of potholes throughout the entire city.
From the 13th to the 14th, my city had a severe snow storm, and received about 5 foot of snow in just a couple days.
If someone my age waited a job, they mostly can only work for fast food places
There are only about two actual nice dine in restaurants in my city.
out door activity is up to whos seeking it. theres always stuff to do out doors and theres a good amount of wild live if your quiet enough you will see. (deer, rabbits, bats, birds, chipmunks, ect)
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The police are always willing to help you out and they respond at an okay amount of time. Cant always expect them to be the fastest. The whole emergency force is full of people who mean well and get there jobs done right.
We have a very strong emergency crew and when ever we need them there just a call away. there good at what they do and keep everyone in order.
We all know there are 4 seasons and there winter, summer, fall, and spring. in central new York you basically have winter and summer though. Winter is indicated by most when the snow starts falling and it falls when ever it pleases. some love winter but then most get sick of it fast because it seems to last for ever. Summer is loved by most especially students because school is out and its time to unwind and have fun. There is so much you can do around here during the summer because being out side is finally an option with out freezing.
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