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Nice area with good schools. Many accomadations close by. People are very friendly. The only negative memory is lack of a hotels in area
I was born and raised in Grand Junction and in some aspects this town seems to be getting worse. The traffic seems to have exploded over night and I've never been in a place with drivers that have such arrogant, nasty road rage. The neighborhood my parents live in is a nicer area filled with mainly upper middle-class homes, I feel very safe there. I also feel quite safe in my home, which is within walking distance to CMU, St. Mary's Hospital, restaurants, shopping, etc. That brings me to my next point; besides a handful of cafes on Main Street, this town is bone dry when it comes to culinary diversity. Most everything here is a chain. I have also had more run ins with homeless people and people strung out on meth in recent times and that's very concerning to me, there are areas I actually avoid when it's just me and my children- that probably sounds common but it wasn't this way even five years ago. If you are a young person that's active in outdoor activities you'll be great here though, it truly is a beautiful place. I would encourage new residents to stay away from Clifton, some parts are decent but just old, others are actually dangerous. There has been a rise in crime throughout the whole valley, especially child abuse, but it seems to usually happen in Clifton. Overall, I would not be here if all my family didn't live here. It used to be a great place to raise a family but it seems too run down for my liking anymore.
I never see any police officers in my neighborhood, but there is also zero crime in the area. The neighborhood I live in is very safe for people of all ages.
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I love the views of the mountains, and the atmosphere of the outdoors. I enjoy how much room we have in our backyard, and how we can even own a farm because of the vast space.
I love where I live I would definitely move here if I didnt
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