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I am currently enrolled at school in Frostburg State University.
The college is one of the towns main source of income, it is a low income town.
Very friendly. Awesome school. Lots of places to rent and buy to live with reasonable rates. Employment high.
Great small, safe town to live in. Love the climate, gets hot in summer and lots of snow in winter.
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The area is small and I feel like I'm part of the community. The only thing I don't like is the winters!
This place is the absolute worst. People will hate you if you aren't from there. If you didn't grow up there, you have no chance of fitting in. The small town cliques are real. The vast majority of people are at or below the poverty line. Heroin is a huge problem. There is absolutely nothing to do, so people resort to drinking and sleeping with anything with a pulse. DO NOT MOVE HERE IF YOU HAVE ANY SORT OF GOALS IN LIFE.
Frostburg is a great small town in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland. We have a great selection of foods to choose from. There are many family owned businesses on Main Street that gives the town a very friendly atmosphere. We are a close knit community.
It would be nice to receive more emails about monthly scholarship opportunities. I do like the report of colleges and the ease of finding scholarships. It would also be helpful if I was not offered scholarships I am not eligible for
I think Frostburg is a nice quiet place to study. They have a lot of counseling internships. I enjoy going to the allegany animal shelter to volunteer.
It is a very quiet area. If you don't get involved in a lot of activities it will get pretty boring.
I don't see much changing, except the crime getting worse. The drugs in this area have gotten really bad, and its sad to see because this county used to be a nice place to live.
There are about three bars that I can think of. All of them are okay, nothing special. There aren't any clubs, and there aren't a lot of options of restaurants to go to.
There are many different places you can work around here. Especially being a college student.
There's a mall near by and that's pretty nice. There really is anything you need around here. I would like to see a couple more convenience stores though.
There is a strip mining business in the area. The job outlook is deceasing rapidly.
There is a local business call Sandsprings Saloon. It is one of the very few restaurants, but it is very good.
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