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Friendswood is probably one of the most diverse suburbs in the Houston Area.
Here you can meet any kind of person from anywhere on the planet. Its one of the best city to raise kids because there are so many kids in the area and most of them are friendly.
Safe. Good place to raise children. Affordable housing. Lots of churches. Busy city recreation department. Nice school district for normal kids. Not such a good program for ADHD. Too much of a bedroom community but convenient to employment. Simple drive to the Gulf of Mexico and the recreation that goes with it. Very hot Summers offset with mild Winters and pleasant Spring and Fall.
Friendswood is a very safe and family-friendly town. Most people are very friendly here and the community is very close together. Friendswood is a place where kids can really grow with parks, excellent schools and a very safe environment.
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Friendswood has a small town feel with the convenience of being only 30 minutes from the Texas Medical Center. The schools are high achieving and very competitive.
Friendswood is a very safe tight knit community that is pretty diverse. There is lots to do with all the neighboring cities and finding work is not too difficult as well.
Friendswood is small town in a suburb of Houston, it's a great town because it's quiet, and the people are kind here. That also applies at night time. The town is quiet and the night life people aren't out and about due to the great police force here in Friendswood. Friendswood might be quiet, but they sure do love their parades. The parades here are nice and Family-Friendly for everyone. Since Friendswood is so small, traffic is virtually non-existent here which is great for getting from point A to B in less than 30 minutes.
A small community on the southeast outskirts of Houston, Texas. Near it are great suburban areas that are tight-knit, with a nearby school and shopping center. It's proximity to major things like the NASA space program are nice, as well as the local businesses that feel very homely and welcoming. One star is lost because there are some regions that could be maintained and taken care of better, like most places.
Very nice little town. Friendly people , safe place to live. Family friendly. Great school district. A lot of shops and places to go out. Good and very well maintained parks .
Friendswood is a great place to live. I wouldn't change a thing. The parks are great and they have events all the time. Baybrook mall is really close by and right off of Interstate 45. Traffic going in to Houston sucks sometimes, but Friendswood is always calm and refreshing.
Friendswood is a very nice, safe community, but it is easy to feel like an outsider if you are not from here.
Very developed community. Rather small. The downside to this suburb is its enclosure on itself and refusal to accept newcomers which are not of the same social class.
Friendswood is a rapidly growing suburban place located right outside of Houston jurisdiction. They are building up local malls. They are going to build a theatre right outside of there where they can host musicians to come out and play as well as local artists. They have some good pubs such as Mollys and is close to Seabrook and other places such as this.
Friendswood is a great community to live and raise a family. Our neighbors are really involved and invested in family and education. There is a respect and pride for the city and each other. There are many places for entertainment and activities for children nearby. The city parks and libraries are excellent. All the necessary stores and businesses can be found within a short drive. I feel safe and comfortable living in Friendswood.
Friendswood is a great community for families. I raised all three of my daughters here and they got an excellent education. I am happy that it is a "commuter" town as everything is close, yet Houston is far enough away.
It is a quiet city with a strong community. Everyone is ready to help each other out when a dangerous event happens. There is literally no crime in Friendswood. In my 17 years living in Friendswood I've never encountered any dangerous people or events. I love my city Friendswood and I hope you come visit it anytime.
I have not resided here for too long. However, my experience here has been delightful so far. Neighbors are friendly and the Houston suburb is quiet.
Everything in Friendswood is very close and easy to get to. The people in the neighborhood are very friendly.
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The people are friendly and there is a small town atmosphere with support for school sports and other activities. The crime rate is very low. There are many activities on the weekend in our parks for families to enjoy. There are many places to eat out with diverse cuisine. It is quiet at night but very social.
I love living in Friendswood. Easy access to Houston big city life, but also best of the suburbs. There are wonderful parks, shopping and lots of great neighbors. Even after Harvey gutted many homes, the community has remained very strong. My favorite part of the city is the 1776 Discgolf course!
Friendswood, Texas is a great family friendly area. It gives such a cozy and homely feeling everywhere you go. The only problem it seems to have is the diversity. There is not enough.
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