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Fresno has a lot of gang violence.. Fresno was a beautiful place when I was growing up and has a lot of potential in it. We grow fresh produce and great farmers here.
Fresno is a great city with a lot of potential. I really enjoy that the mountains and beach are both a few hours away. In addition to a few hours from major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Great city really in the middle of everything. You have the mountains and the beach just a short drive away. Fresno also offers a beautiful downtown and as well as a gathering scene called the Tower District.
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Fresno is not a great place to live or to start and raise a family in. It is very dangerous. The only good thing about Fresno is that there is a lot of POC which allows you to “fit in.”
Fresno is an okay city. It's just that it's not safe to go out sometimes and if you do go out, you should bring someone with you jut in case.
I have lived here all my life so there will be bias, but I will be as honest as possible. This is from my experience so there are places I have/will not experience.

Cons: Fresno City is not as big as Los Angeles, but its population has increased rapidly throughout the years due to its affordability, thus cost of living and home designs have increased and changed. There is a huge population of homeless people scattered throughout the city, but not to the extent of Los Angeles. Road conditions are very poor for most parts of the city. Expect frequent potholes, bumps, and cracks in the roads. There are many weed smokers so expect the public bus transits to smell like weed.

Pros: Living here all my life, I have found some good people here; not everyone is bad, but this can be said anywhere. I think the best part of living in Fresno is due to the fact that it is affordable and its located between the national parks and the ocean, making it convenient for trips.
There is access to a local park and lots of shops and grocery stores and other stores but the crime rate is very high and I am too far from the beach for my comfort level.
Fresno is mostly filled with friendly people, small businesses, services and beautiful greenery in specific parts, especially the north. The downtown area is getting a rapid makeover thanks to the welcoming of startups and bustling entrepreneurial activities. Residential areas are also mostly peaceful, sanitary and welcoming. The atmosphere of Fresno for the past years has been lively, friendly and full of potential. This, however, has been unfortunately disrupted recently due to frequent disturbance stirred by political clashes and national movements. Police officers have remained active and aware of the situation, thus had appeared to dispatch more personnel to active areas. The result is most crimes are taken care of switfly and professionally. University life ever since the pandemic has changed significantly physically but not so much virtually since most students are still exposed to the same, quality education from great instructors. Overall, Fresno is an opportunity hub.
Fresno is new to me. I am from the east bay area so Fresno is different in so many ways. I love that there is minimal freeway traffic in Fresno, it is a new occurrence to me and its appreciated. Also, the food scene in Fresno is awesome, there is literally any and all types of food one could imagine from chains to food trucks to fine dining. Fresno in the summer is a bit too hot for my preference.
I was born in Fresno and have lived here ever since. It is my home and I have made memories and wonderful relationships here. I feel as it has a very mixed and diverse community. You gain knowledge from all different places like school and community. Many places to have leisure time, places of nature to explore, and historical places as well. There is crime and hazards in areas, but me personally haven't been affected. I've always wanted to leave my city but I have so many family here and I'm proud to be a part of a growing community that I don't have the urge to leave. The schools I have attended have been great to me and the people who encourage me to do great have made me into the person I am. This place has been my home and has shaped who I am.
I was born and raised in Fresno. It's a city where agriculture and business coincide, with numerous opportunities blooming, with not much traffic. Things I would change in Fresno is something Fresno is known for. Fresno does not have much to remember it by, unlike cities like San Fransico and Los Angles.
I moved to Fresno 19 years ago from Illinois. Before I left Illinois, friends said, "Wow, California!" When I arrived, people said, "Why Fresno?" I have to say that Fresno was definitely a step up from the Midwest, but if someone from SoCal or the Central Coast or Northern California moved here, I'd have to say they definitely stepped down.
Pros of living in Fresno (in my opinion):
1. It never gets bitter cold as it does in the Midwest, and it never snows.
2. The cost of living here is more affordable than other parts of California.
3. It doesn't rain from April to October, so you can plan outdoor events.
4. Fresno is pretty sheltered from natural disasters. I mean, we're surrounded by disasters, i.e. fires, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, etc., but not here.
Cons of living in Fresno:
1. It's freaking HOT (over 100 degrees) for months!
2. The air pollution is HORRIBLE for most of the year.
3. Not a lot to do.
4. It doesn't rain.
4. Did I say it's freaking hot? It's STUPID hot!
What I like about Fresno more about Fresno is the diversity and the public schools system. Fresno makes me feel happy, safe and in family.
Fresno is such an amazing area to live in. It has multiple schools, parks, malls, recreative areas and almost everything that you can be looking for.
I think the Fresno and Clovis communities have done a great job responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfire crisis. They have done so by providing evacuees with hotel vouchers, opening up their homes to those who need it, and donating necessities to firefighters and first responders. Concerning the coronavirus, I have witnessed several neighborhoods and communities near me band together, wear masks, and post reliable information on media platforms to inform and update others.
I like that Fresno is a diverse city and my community is surrounded by my people. I'd like to change the security of the city, a lot of areas in Fresno are unsafe and unclean.
I come from a small town and transferring to Fresno to attend college was at first frightening, but also what a great experience I was going to receive. I became more dependent and learned a lot about myself. I made new friends and joined a sorority. I participated in a lot of community service. I helped fundraise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, since it was our philanthropy.
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Fresno is an affordable place for most people. Fresno has culture, class, and excellent diversity. I am happy to see that there is a university available to allow the community to commute faster and especially see the options for our students. However, there is much to be changed with our poverty levels and air quality. Our community should support each other with planting trees and being proactive with keeping our roads clean.
Fresno is a decent place to live. It’s a small city with not too much to do, but it’s location makes it easy to take a drive to the beach or the lake. We’re also right between LA & SF.
It’s growing & has many different areas with different vibes depending on what you like.
I found a great experience here in Fresno, CA. I have visited the town before but never lived here. It is big enough to be able for me to make money as an independent contractor. I am enrolled in the city college and I am enjoying it. The only complaint I have is a lot of the roadways are beat up. poor condition. But plenty of shopping sources.
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