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I enjoyed visiting the small coffee shop downtown. I also enjoyed shopping at all of the small resale shops.
Fremont, located in Michigan, is one of the most cozy towns anyone could live in. It's pretty compact, but the people who live within it have giant hearts. The town and it's people are always friendly and smiling. The people of Fremont are often seen taking walks with their fuzzy, loyal companions, going for runs, and organizing events for the community. Every year Fremont hosts the Gerber Baby food Festival, where people come from all over to visit. The local gym often hosts 5K's for those who are involved with keeping their bodies happy and healthy. If there was one thing that I could change it would be the smell! Fremont is home to some of the United States best farmers, and with farmers comes cows, who don't have the best scent. The farmers here often fertilize their crops with manure as well. Pee yew! With Fremont being a smelly town some times, it is also one of the best that I have lived in. I encourage anyone looking for a cozy small town to check out Fremont, Michigan.
Even though it's a small town it's very nice. The town has many local events that leave a very good impression on the townspeople and the surrounding towns nearby. Fremont is a quiet little town that is perfect for staring a family or a growing one.
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This is a safe place to live. One thing I would like to see change is better restaurant options and places for teenagers.
Fremont is a nice little town with quite a few thing to do. They have an extensive bike path the runs through the sothern part of town the combines with a nature walk. They have a remodeled movie theater. Pleanty of places to eat between fast food and fine dining. More than 4 parks including branstrom park which has a frisbee golf course and the lake park with a ice cream shop next to it.
Small town. Quaint, beautiful main street. Offers some big name stores like Walmart. Surrounded by woods and farm lands.
I like the small-town feel, yet the opportunities for shopping--such as Walmart and Glick's--and delicious eateries with home cooked meals are numerous. There are unique touristy shops, as well as fast-food restaurants. Fremont is also home to the FANTASTIC Spanky's Pizza. I sometimes just go and have a basket of the wonderful parmesan crusted breadstix. IF you are looking for pizza though, the chicken ranchero is the most delicious!
there are many restaurent in this area for such a small city
well i mean it's a small city where everyone knows each other and got a job no matter what. You will always find a job at mcdonalds or burgerking.
I love the small town environment. It's a great place to have a family. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
It's Michigan. The weather can be extremely unpredictable.
I would definitely live here again if given the opportunity. I love this place.
The only event this area is known for really is the Baby Food Festival, which is a carnival celebrating the largest company in the area, Gerber. It includes amusement park rides, games, and canival food.
There really isn't any crime in this area, so my neighborhood has no need for a crime watch.
The only bad thing we get around here is harsh winters and snowstorms. The summers and autumns are gorgeous but the springs are disgusting because of all the melting snow and the plants are dead from winter, until they grow back again like they do every year.
The restaurants and bars are fantastic but I don't think there are any clubs or dance options in this area.
I have not seen any people who are looking for a job that can't find one within a month in this area. The biggest company in this area is by far Gerber which was recently purchased by Nestle. I would say 40% of this area's population works there.
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Most everything I need I can find in this area. There is a Walmart and a local grocery store called BIll's Shop'N'Save, and they have been competing with each other for a while now. The hardware stores in this area consist of Ace Hardware and a local hardware store called Haveman Hardware and they also have been competing for some time.
There are some places that are hiring, but if you don't know someone in that business than the chance of you getting the job is unlikely.
The local businesses are good here, but if big companies come in it hurts the little stores and can put them out of business, leaving some people without jobs.
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