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Freeport is an exceptional community to settle down in if you’re looking to find a quiet place to raise a family.
Great place for families. Small town feel can be good or bad, but lots of local festivals make it exciting and Portland is nearby. Schools have a strong atmosphere of enrichment and great resources for a semi-rural area, but lack the academic rigor of nearby districts.
Small, but very close knit community. Everyone is very nice and the shopping outlets are a must go. L.L Bean is just phenomenal.
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Freeport is a small, community driven town that prioritizes safety and accessibility to resources. The school department is outstanding. Many family-friendly events throughout the year.
Great small town to raise a family. Schools are expanding and improving and there is never a shortage of after school jobs for teenagers!
I haven't heard of many bad things happening all the time, but there were several bank robberies last summer that were highlighted upon, criminals were caught in all situations which was great. There have been some unidentified attacks in parking lots and smashed window robberies but nothing that wouldn't be found anywhere, there is not a huge abundance of them.
Amazing place to live and grow up, only thing that takes away from the beautiful Maine summers are the bus loads and bus loads of tourist who come each summer. If you get away and hike or go to a local beach, you can avoid these swarms and enjoy the southern Maine town that Freeport is.
There are very few crimes in the area.
Freeport is awesome! The people are really nice, the schools and teachers are great, and there are lots of things to do around. I would definitely choose to live here if I could choose again.
As long as you don't mind cold winters, you'll love the summer!
Freeport really has no nightlife in the way of clubs.
Public service is okay. We need more public transportation.
We really have no crime rate. The state is one of the lowest in the country
Everyone gets along for the most part and the crime rate is low.
Employment is not great in Freeport. Many stores has low hours and low pay.
Freeport has an excellent variety of stores. It is known for being a shopping mecca, especially including L.L. Bean
The food is very good and there is always somewhere that I haven't been yet
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