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This town is a quaint little neighborhood with friendly faces and a lovely community. However, they do not seem to put up signs when requested by the community members. For example, if a yield sign or stop sign fell they would just leave it sit.
It was very inclusive, one of my favorite places I've ever lived. This is simply because of the way everyone knew everyone, I went to high school in Fredonia, and I felt very welcome once I transferred schools and soon lived there for a period of time with my family.
Lived in Fredonia my whole life good place to live. Very safe and the community is very active all the time so easy to join in on.
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Fredonia is a very small down in Wisconsin. The only things there is a bank, a McDonalds, and a very small public school. I was born and grew up in this town, however I left the school system to join a much larger public school 15 minutes away. The town is small and has very little opportunities. Anyone that lives here must drive at least 15 minutes to get to a grocer or any activities.
It's very small and nothing to do. There are no groceries stores and 2 places to eat. We need a dollar general or something so you don't have to go 20 minutes to get groceries when you need one or two things.
Very good school district. This is a very safe place to. Everyone knows everybody. The whole community always does what they can to help whomever.
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