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Franklin is a relatively okay city to live in. It's roads definitely need to be fixed. The schools in Franklin are pretty good but need to be kept clean and maybe have more choices in highschool to help us become adults.
A great place to settle down with safe neighborhoods and plenty to do with Dayton and Cincinnati being right around the corner
Franklin is a good place to live if someone has small children because the schools are excellent. Another good thing about Franklin is that there is a lot of jobs available to fit almost anyone's needs. The only thing I would change is providing more activities for small children and families to do together.
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Centrally located. Good place to raise a family. Would like to see more events for family and night life.
I like all the murals around town. There is a sense of community, everyone goes to sporting events and really gets into it. downtown could be revamped a little and there could be more things to do.
Where I live isnt a very high end part of town, but I love it.
I live in an apartment community within my city, it is well maintained. As for other properties, they too look maintained as I drive by, some are average and others are immaculate, depends on the income of the property owners and the location of the properties. I've lived in worst areas than this and I've lived in better.
The police and fire stations are quick to respond to emergencies, but non-emergencies they take their time. The local law regarding loud noises and music should be changed from 75 feet to 20 feet and the noise ordinance is wrong in my opinion. It should start at an earlier like 6:00pm since that is when most people are trying to have a conversation and family quality time at the dinner table. It's hard to do that when neighbors are having a party and their own concerts! It makes it hard to study for classes also. This is one reason why I want to move, the city does not respect hard working families and cater to the ones that disrupt a peaceful life on a daily basis or every weekend.
As for crime, I really do not see it or hear about it since I do not watch TV or the news. I see the police from time to time but mainly doing routine traffic stops or aiding emergency personnel. As of right now, I have no concerns.
So far since I have lived here the only really bad weather was during the months of late February and March of this year when a few ice and snow storms hit. Now that it is Spring, we haven't had any severe weather. We had threats and very bad winds but nothing major thus far. Just a coat, sweater, winter boots, and warm clothes are the essentials needed for the colder weather. For summer, summer clothing and shoes is sufficient.
When I moved here out of necessity, I was greatly relieved they have my favorite sit down restaurant--Frisch's Big Boy. Since bars and nightlife locales are not my scenes for entertainment I haven't the slightest clue regarding them. As for overall variety, for a small city/town, there isn't much here for entertainment for a family. We have to drive to a neighboring city for that.
Most of the businesses I have seen are either restaurants, gas stations, small general stores, two major retailers, lawyers, physicians' offices, and hair salons. The only top paying employers would be the lawyers and physicians, which this is no where near my field. Once I achieve my degree, I will have work in my field and will move to a bigger, more productive city.
For a small city they have several stores; however, the quality of the few stores I've been in range from mediocre to it has a small town feel to it. One major retailer's store is poorly arranged and most of the stocked shelves are dusty. Another grocery major store just down the street is very well kept and it is that small town feel to it. Everyone is treats you like family even though the store is much smaller than its sister stores in other cities nearby.
I love my hometown. There are several churches and schools. The community is very family and pet friendly. The town could do more as a community but we do have a few festivals. I overall love my town.
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