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There are many wonderful and safe public and private schools in or around Franklin, PA. It's very safe with police always paying close attention. The nightlife around Christmas time is one to remember. It is very beautiful. Commute time to any destination in Franklin won't take you over fifteen minutes to get to. It is an affordable place to live in Pennsylvania. Job opportunities have gone down hill since Joy Global went out.
Franklin, Pennsylvania is a quaint and historic Victorian town. The surrounding area encompasses a variety of people from all backgrounds and persuasions. The people of Franklin, PA truly highlight the meaning of the word community. The town offers all one could desire of a colonial town nestled between hills and along the Allegheny River. The town biggest draw is' Applefest', the largest craft festival in Western Pennsylvania.
It is a small town which provides a quaint, friendly atmosphere. It possesses a unique, colonial history dating back to the French and Indian War and served as a passing ground for George Washington himself. However, its small size does limit the capabilities of fun and activities. Either way, I am proud to call it my home town.
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Franklin is a beautiful historic town with access to the river and bike trails. It is a nice place to raise a family. Job opportunities are not as wide as bigger cities, but there is something for everyone if you try hard enough. I would like to see better ways of engaging our youths.
If you want a simple, small-town American lifestyle, then Franklin, PA is for you. The town has managed to maintain the “Main Street” aesthetic due to the fact that three major roadways run directly through downtown. Unfortunately, this also creates an issue with traffic flow, as the streets could become gridlocked during peak times. A wide range of small, local businesses make Franklin, PA a very unique town. Interstate 80 is easily accessible via Route 8, and there is even a small airport just outside town. People who are hard-working and have a community mindset have a real opportunity to be successful here.
Franklin has a lot of local businesses that you can visit. It makes it a very unique city. Franklin is also a pretty central location, you can easily get to the interstate for traveling purposes and it is about half way between Erie and Pittsburgh which makes it nice if you want to visit the big cities. It is a very friendly place with lots of local places to eat at or visit and it is still growing!
I have lived here all my life. It is small town we have lots of little cafes and stores in town. I f you want to have small schools this is the place to be and live. They are putting a brewery in town, we a little winery that has life music some local wine. We are known for applefest lots of vendors come out,,,
Franklin is a wonderful small town that makes everyone feel welcome. It has great community activities throughout the year that is fun for the whole family. It is far enough from the big towns to have a lower crime rate but not to fair that you can't take a day trip to Erie or Pittsburgh.
Franklin is, unfortunately, a dead area with few opportunities. Due to this, crime and drug use are on the rise.
One of the most beautiful and historic small towns in Pennsylvania. So many wonderful places to visit and people to meet.
It is a small town with much to do. Rivers to kayak and many bike trails to run, ride bikes, and/or hike. Beautiful scenery and great people. Many special occasions like the most popular Applefest in October.
Franklin is a great, tight-knit rural community in western Pennsylvania. While sorely lacking in jobs the charm of the historical town is enchanting.
the friendliness of everyone! The family environment is great. There is plenty to do as a family. Hardly any crime, and very safe place to raise a family.
A lot of drugs but don't get mixed up in them.
It's small town living with big events. Good Friends
Jobs are hard to come by, and not many places to visit.
Small towns make it easy to walk to stores, restaurants.
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The most weather disasters we get are blizzards due to being so close to the Erie Lake.
I work evenings, so by the time i get out of work I'm hungry and there is nowhere to go.
Living in a small town does not offer much.
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