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There is not a lot of crime in this town, but there is use of drugs and alcohol among some of the citizens. I believe the police officers do a good job keeping the community safe.
It was a wonderful town to grow up in and I am very thankful my parents chose to raise me here.
This place is a beautiful small town in Minnesota. There are tons of things to do around here, especially related to wildlife and outdoors entertainment. Everyone knows everyone here so get ready to know every neighbor's neighbor. It was a great place to grow up but I have moved on to bigger cities and I wouldn't choose to live here again just because I have moved on.
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I love where we live. Most of the homeowners around me have at least 10 acres of land. It is quiet, and peaceful. Most of the sounds we hear are that of the wildlife, including owls, hawks, coyotes. The wildlife is abundant, and my family is able to deer hunt right in our backyard.
Since I am in a small town, the fire department is all volunteer and is about 6 miles from my home. By the time a rig would get to my home, it would most likely be a total loss. However, we do get mutual aid from 4 other volunteer fire departments.
I don't worry too much about crime in this area because we are so rural. Many of the police officers in our town also coach at the local schools. They are very present in all of the schools, so our kids get to know them at a young age. Many of them have lived in the area for a long time, and raised their kids here also. In the twelve years I've lived here, I've never had a safety concern where I had to call the police.
I love having the change of seasons where I live. Fall is my favorite with the changing colors of leaves. I live near the St. Croix river, so the colors are spectacular. Winters can be harsh, with cold temps, and heavy winds. Since I am in an open area of town, the winds are very much a factor in the time I spend outside. If the sun is shining, but it's really windy in the winter, it's too cold to go out.
Since it is a smaller community, there are not a ton of restaurant choices. There is one local Italian place, one Chinese, two bistros (one of which serves buffalo that they raise). They are also well known for their aged cheeses. A little pricey, but the food is quite tasty. There is a place called The Wagon Wheel Cafe that is an amazing small town cafe. They have great breakfasts, and amazing pizza. The best part is that they deliver their entire menu. I don't go out much on the weekends, so I'm not too familiar with bar life. There is the local muni up in town that serves good drinks at a great price.
Many of the residents in this area work at our 5 local public schools. With more people moving out of the city, and into more rural areas, opens up more teaching jobs. There are also a lot of family owned stores and businesses that keep getting passed down through the generations, and there are many people, including myself, that work out of the home.
The best thing about the local businesses in my area is that the owners/workers get to know and trust the customers. Many of the local business owners have children that attend school with my kids, go to the same church, and coach my kids sports teams. In our town, a handshake is as good as a written contract. I had some gutters put on my house, and the guy who installed them didn't want any payment until after the job was completed, and I was happy with the results. That says something about the integrity of small town businesses and residents.
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