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I like the convenience of the stores and shops nearby. I do wish that traffic was monitored better due to many speeders on the road and people that do not drive correctly.
Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful place. I’ve been living there for 8 years and the city is full of experience. There are tons of jobs and adventure to explore around the city. However, Fort Lauderdale is very expensive and is large in population of people. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.
I moved here from Chicago 7 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone who is sick of the winter.
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Fort Lauderdale is a great place, the beach is beautiful and its a great tourist attraction. It is over crowded most of the time though and theres a lot of traffic.
I love the energy of the city. It had a great hustle and bustle without being too noisy.Its great for families and couples.
Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful city to live in and the best part about it are the cheap, but world-class education. Fort lauderdale offer top notch medical facilities and is the most pet friendly city in the world.
Fort Lauderdale has a lot of diversity both with its population and its stores. However, it doesn't have the best drivers or cleanest roads.
Downtown Fort Lauderdale is great. There are some colleges there and the nightlife seems to be good. Once in a while there are events in where anyone can go to and have a good time. Some areas near Downtown Fort Lauderdale are unsafe but for the most part you should be good. Some of the public schools are bad but there are some that are good.
Las Olas is a great walking area with tons of nice places to eat. The downsides of living in Fort Lauderdale are that there is a fair amount of traffic especially near the beaches and during the tourist season; crime is high in certain areas and there is a big homeless problem here and in South Florida generally.
Some areas a re very unsafe but depending on where you live. Some schools are good, I suggest private schools for your children.
I love the city of Fort Lauderdale and I enjoy the weather and it’s filled with high end employment and that is the reason I want to go back to school to educate myself better to make more money to provide for my family
The city of Ft. Lauderdale is a beautiful place with plenty of potential growth on the horizon. With new shops, real estate, & businesses popping up, Ft. Lauderdale is a prime location to get your life started. The schools are nice and rank high within the country.
Born & raised here. I love the weather and it’s perfect if you have a decent job that makes good money. The cost of living can be a bit pricey and the minimum wage makes it impossible to self sustain. Beautiful place location and pretty much always something to do or see. School system is declining which is something parents should watch out for and be specific on where they want their child to learn. Crime rate has been increasing lately which is definitely something to also consider. It has its pros and cons just like every other place.
Great place that is a big city but still has a small beach town in parts. A growing city that has a lot of opportunities.
Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant city. While there aren't many attractions as cities like Orlando or even Tampa, it is somewhere that people can enjoy.
I like the beach. I would like the city help keep the beach clean and ban all plastics as it has become a problem on the beach.
It’s actually not as bad or as good as you’d hear this is a place one truly needs to experience on their own
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For a young adult like me, Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer. Regardless of your profession, there is almost always a job right for you! Depending on the area you live in, living expenses can be quite extensive. The perks of living in this marvelous city definitely outweigh the cons. So many areas, such as Flagler Village, are up and coming (especially for those in my age range). New restaurants, roof top bars, fitness center, and many more high in demand places are being built ALL THE TIME here in Fort Lauderdale. It is any young persons dream, especially when you are trying to become who you are supposed to be.
Fort Lauderdale is a very nice city to be in. There is ample nightlife, the beaches are extremely beautiful during the day and at night. One of the few things I would change would be the fact that their is a significant homeless problems.
All around, Fort Lauderdale is a pretty average city, it doesn't really stand out from others and has no particular strengths or drawbacks.
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