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Fort Defiance is a small town. They have one restaurant there, but the food is delicious. It is a safe place to grow up.
My home area has many views that you can go hiking on and there are somethings to do such as running, hiking, sightseeing, and other fun stuff. However, due to how our community looks life such as appearances, there are people from the outside of the area who are disgusted by the old building, trash, and the homeless people, I want a clean environment and a happier area that lets people do things together without any judgments and more job openings to help the people who are struggling to "bring home the bacon", also with a clean place comes with other good benefits like clean air and more life to the trees and flowers and happier smiles.
Fort Defiance is a small town in Northern Arizona. When people think of Arizona they think of Phoenix weather but no We get all seasons. I love this place because I have a lot of family living around me.
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I like the small town feel, the local area is great with scenic routes and other outdoor activities. I would like to see improvements on the community involvement in areas such as: coordinate runs, small businesses. etc.
I have lived within the area almost my whole life. Fort Defiance, AZ is located on the Navajo reservation, twelve miles north of Window Rock, AZ.

The area have come a long way, not to far from the nearest town of Gallup, NM. Many people commute long distance to get to town for fuel, food, and family needs. The travel, for he most part, would be off-road, traveling miles until coming to major highways and roads.

Technology is growing, slowly, and have been helpful to those whom live in the rule areas. The technology has helped with emergency response and health care for the elder.

Improvements would be funding for necessary businesses, tribal entities, to filter that resource into material for improving off roads and/or roads. This will helpful for families whom live off roads for all emergency purposes. Roads would also benefit during the monsoon and winter seasons.
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