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Foley is growing and growing! It is very busy during the summer due to how close we are to the beach but as locals, we can go anytime! You have parks and lots of food options and the businesses are growing like crazy! Overall, I love it here. I've lived here all my life.
Awesome place to live and work. People are friendly, lots of restaurants and shopping. Great retirement communities, close to beaches and vacation spots.
Foley is a tight knit community through and through. The hospitality of everyone is always amazing and the small town feeling never goes away. As a current high school senior in Foley, the connection of the community to the schools is outstanding!
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Its a good place to raise your kids amd to just live live very slow paced everyone knows everyone and they are always willing to help their neighbors out without a second thought
The humidity is unbearable from April-September.. so uncomfortable that doing anything outside is not an option. The people are hostile and inconsiderate. Breweries, dog parks, etc are nonexistent. Foley is a very unfriendly place, especially for dogs. Nowhere allows dogs even outside on their patios. Customer service is absolutely horrible here.. from restaurants that all serve unhealthy fried food, to getting your house or car worked on.. it’s almost always a bad experience. The schools are horrible and without sidewalks or many play grounds/parks... this isn’t a good place to raise kids!!!
Foley has been a relatively boring, consistent place. There is a lot of drug use at the schools and it's a scary place to be
I have lived here my entire life and wouldn't really trade living here for anything. The atmosphere around the town is nice, the people here are amazing as long as you meet the right ones, and the sights around the town are amazing and something that is worth seeing!
I have lived in Foley Alabama for ten years. Though I am young, I will say I've enjoyed my time here. Foley has emerged significantly in the past couple of years. Gulf Shores, which is our sister city is known to be the tourist area considering we have our beautiful white beaches on the gulf. Since Foley has become more prominent, the tourists are no longer focusing on gulf shores but are learning our little city is more than it has been in the past.
They have the best mall and some of the most amazing restaurants. My favorite local restaurant is definitely Wolf Bay. The new amusement park OWA, is definitely worth the price and has great places to eat as well. The main thing I don’t like about Foley is all of the traffic. Since this is a tourist town, the traffic is horrible as soon as summer approaches.
I have honestly enjoyed living here for the last 9 years. So many different opportunities for the on the go type person.
I think Foley is a great place to live grade school great jobs great stores near the beach great overall experience very diverse nice part of town weather's great shopping stores very local clean and close public schools are very good law enforcement is good and available at all times you can't beat the same scenery and the beaches and does everything that comes along with his very tourist attraction place to come to visit great restaurants great atmosphere in general
I have grown up in Foley and it has definitely changed the amount of time I've lived here. However, I still love this place. It is definitely a small town with a big city feel. I do think that there is always something to do, and with the beach very near by it's never a boring day.

Small businesses are rampant here and surprisingly aren't extremely overran by big business, despite Wal-Mart of course.

This town is just so homey and I love living here.
Foley was a very close community, that looked out for one another. Growing up as a child I was active in public sports and also once in high school I played four years of soccer. However, the soccer community within the community is not as strong as other sports. I would like to see new sport-splex utilized for camps and tournaments more frequently. Most of all fields should be opened to the public, so that people may utilize for pick up games. This would thus strengthen the soccer community within Foley creating more opportunities for competition, so players would improve their skills.
Living in Foley works great with my school schedule. It is centrally located in the county so commute time is reasonable.
Great location, lots of shopping and restaurants, amusement park, lots of family friendly activities, very safe, beach nearby, good schools, great weather, horrible Walmart, bad Ems service
Foley, Alabama is a delightful town to live in and visit. With events at the local park, delicious mom and pop restaurants, a new shopping centre and theme park, it's the perfect place to bring the whole family or just vacation for one. Not to mention there is a beautiful white sandy beach a few miles south. Foley strongly encourages the arts and local farmers. You will find plenty of creative events, plus colourful places to visit all while supporting the community. All in all, Foley, Alabama is a quaint little town with friendly faces and a relaxed atmosphere.
I love living in Foley. It is a little big, town. The town is about 15 mins or less from the beach. We have lots of great places to eat. Everyone is supportive or local businesses. We have a new amusement park that just opened this month. This town has a lot to offer people who are thinking about moving here.
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Small town feel with big city attractions! We have are minutes from the white beaches of the Gulf Coast. We are about to open OWA, our very own amusement park in the heart of Foley. Come by and spend some time in our little city :)
Foley is a small town along the Gulf coast of Alabama. Foley offers small town mom and pop shopping, farmers markets, wonderful restaurants and an outlet mall. Foley is a fantastic location for vacationers who are looking for an affordable vacation just miles from the beach.
Foley is a family friendly place to live. Most of Foley is mainly for tourists such as the tanger outlet mall. Foley recently opened up job opportunities with the building of an amusement park.
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