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Flower Mound has been rated Texas's most safe city. It is a great community, everyone is so nice. There are so many places to go, eat, and have fun at.
I've lived in Flower Mound for a decade now and I must say that it is a wonderful place to grow up in.
I like how close everyone is in flower mound and how much the town government cares about the citizens. There are always things going on to improve the town such as new parks being built, new houses, and community events.
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Flower Mound is one of the best communities in Denton County. It is a great place for families to live because the schools here are some of the best and it is a very safe place to live due to low crime rates. Because of this, the town is rapidly growing as people move for the excellent schools and family community. One thing I would like to see for Flower Mound is more of a town center. Even though this is a small town, there is not much of a central area. An attempt was almost made at one point, but the development turned into a fully residential project. This town is seemingly just house after house and I would like to see more areas of this town that are not residential. Overall, Flower Mound is a very nice place that I would definitely recommend for families.
It is very family friendly with lots of good schools. There is a great sense of cleanliness and beauty. Great place to live in all!
It's fine. Nothing special or unique about the town. Not much to do around. Mostly chain restaurants with limited cuisine options, so the eateries are not all that great either.
Flower Mound is really nice. I cannot stress that enough. It is such a safe city, that is among the top 10 safest cities in the state of Texas. In the vast amount of cities that the second largest state has, Flower Mound is within the 10 most safest of them. It is so safe, that the most dangerous person, is yourself. We have had more suicides than any other murder, but that means that the people are nice, and no one commits crime.
Flower Mound is a great place to raise kids seeing as it is surrounded by incredible schools and plenty of positive influences.
I like that this town has a smaller town community vibe where most folks are very friendly and look out for each other.
I love how we are a close community where I can be with people I’ve known all my life. However, this community is seen as a “bubble” and may not always have benefits when it comes to learning independence.
Perfect area for families with children. The schools in the area are beyond amazing, and the surrounding parks and nature make for the perfect area. It is just close enough to Dallas/Fort Worth so it makes for perfect trips into the city, without feeling like you live in the city.
I love living in Flower Mound. I moved here a little of three years ago due to a job change. Flower Mound, unlike other Dallas suburbs, has retained as many trees as possible creating a more environmental atmosphere. In addition to its scenery, Flower Mound has two great high schools, with wonderful bands, academics, and athletics.
Flower Mound is a great place to raise your family as it is very safe and has great public schools and private schools in the area as well.
I have lived here for a year now, and so far I am happy with the town. There are good food options distributed with near access to others, fun local events, and the whole town is attractive and of a high quality.
A really quiet and nice small town thats only a short drive from Downtown Dallas. Very safe with great schools and atmosphere. Great sense of community and a lot of town activities to get involved.
Flower mound is a very nice place to live in. There is not a lot of crime, the schools push us students past our limits, and there are many activities that people of all ages can do to get involved in the community. I have joined a swim team in my neighborhood and a club at my school. The football games are very fun and I think that a lot of people would love to live here. I only gave it four stars because I think that there are some people here who can be stuck up and too rich to care about others. Also, this is such an expanding town that there are constantly new people moving here.
Texas is known for its friendly people, and Flower Mound is no exception. I've had an amazing experience getting to know the people growing up here and attending school here.
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I believe that Flower Mound is a great place to grow up and raise children, but being African American I would like to see more diversity. Don't get me wrong though Flower Mound has come a long way. The schools are great and it's a very safe community.
flower mound has lots of shopping and regular types of franchise businesses mainly residential but homes are mostly above 400k. The school district is a good school district and most of the schools in flower are fairly new, due to the large uptick in the population in the past ten years.
The Town of Flower Mound is beautiful and safe. I love my home and hope all of the new developments around it will bring good business and more people to the town.
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