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Nice town with good proximity to the DFW airport. Close enough to other cities to be convenient but far enough to get the nice suburban environment.
Flower Mound is where I grew up! It's an extremely kid-friendly town, with parks and schools in close range to the residential areas. The shopping centers are modern and clean, and everything moves at a fast yet beautiful suburban pace.
Flower Mound is a very safe place to live in but the houses and residency is a bit more on the expensive side. However, there are lots of areas and shops where you can spend time with friends and there are of course lots of diversity in terms of the food industry, in that there’s a wide variety of food that can be enjoyed anytime.
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I just recently moved to Flower Mound. I think it is pretty amazing. All the people are so nice and there is quite the greenery, which is surprising for a dry-land like Texas.
I have lived in Flower Mound since 1989. I have lived in 3 other cities in Texas. Austin , San Antonio and Houston---so I have a comparison-- Frankly- I have never lived in a place that would only respond to a problem if you live in the most affluent areas. They are a poorly run municipality that caters to their friend s or what seems to be their contributors-- as evidenced by past Mayors retired to places like Martha's vineyard or better ---the Caribbean.. I have had numerous issues with property due to poor standards in the 1990's and the attitude has been-- if you don't like it move elsewhere-- I will be happy to do that once I sell the money pit house!! I don't know how much these publications are being paid to say it is the safest place -- because it is not-- the reason they can say that is the police force doesn't respond to anything--so they can skew their stats.
Happiness for me will be seeing Flower Mound in my rear view mirror..
Flower Mound has been an amazing place to grow up, its allowed me to thrive both socially and in my education.
all very friendly people. it has a nice community, a lot of trees and greenery. the high schools have good academic and extracurricular opportunities
This is such an amazing old, small Texas town which keeps its old flavor and boasts old
Western colonial roots that make it even more charming. Schools are great and in newer areas there are both elementary and middle school together which makes it so unique as our kids walk to school. Love it!
I've lived in Flower Mound since I was about three years old. There is a lot to do here! We have many restaurants, local events, and the town is beautiful. I feel very safe in Flower Mound.
Everyone in the community is very friendly, helpful, and nice. It is a nice sized community. Not too big to where it is a city, but not too small. It is located in a great area with many amenities nearby, and is a very safe town.
I love the environment, good facilities, peaceful, it's also on the people. I feel like people here are well of. The public schools around here is rated as one of the best schools in Texas which is really great.
Flower Mound is one of the best places to live in Texas. The available public schools in Flower Mound offer great education and there are jobs that are always available for part-time high school students or for full-time workers. The safety of Flower Mound is excellent. There are always police officers patrolling the area making sure Flower Mound remains one of the most secure suburbs to live in Texas.
It's a pretty safe area and people are generally nice. There's not really any bad parts of town, and there is plenty to do. Entertainment and food are never too far away, and the drive time to these places is typically pretty nice.
Flower mound is an extremely safe town. It is also very industrialized so although it is not a big city, everything one would need is close. Flower Mound is also home to two rival high schools which makes growing up in Flower Mound all the more fun-Friday night lights are a true thing. Everyone that lives in Flower Mound loves it. It’s the perfect combination of southern and city. There are shopping areas, tons of restaurants and stores, and tons of neat things to do all around the city. Around the holidays, the community always comes together and does really cool things for the underprivileged which is my favorite part about this city.
good schools. not too many people. close to airport. nice options for locally owned restaurants, entertainment, and shopping within a 10 mile radius.
Flower Mound is a very safe town with friendly people around every corner. I have thoroughly enjoyed growing up here.
Flower Mound is fantastic area to live, with plenty of restaurants and stores within a short radius. I especially love Parker Square and feel that it is really an up-and-coming area of the town. My only complaint is that there aren't as many retail stores as I would like.
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Extremely beautiful town right between Fort Worth and Dallas. The town itself is very safe and is full of things to do. There are plenty of parks, restaurants, you name it! All in all a fantastic city!
Great family town, located between Dallas and Ft Worth. Great parks for boating on Lake Grapevine, mountain biking, and hiking. Plenty of greenways for walking through neighborhoods. Low crime with great public schools. Diverse eating establishments and shopping centers. Great summer concert series at the park.
Flower Mound is a safe community for families. I love that kids can ride their bikes to local parks which, by the way, are everywhere! There are lots of cute local restaurants and coffee shops that are definitely worth checking out. The area is modern and continually growing. Definitely recommend for families.
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