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I would rate as a total failure a big fat zero Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and Flint city council are getting huge pay increases they've never done enough for the city or the suburbs they never brought in big businesses here or even a casinos hey that's a thought that would bring in money the best in this city all they want is money from the last remaining residents of Flint Michigan they are up for re-election I will not vote for any of them
As a lifelong resident of Genesee County and one-time resident of Flint, it's sad to see what the city has become.
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Yo this place highkey sucks except for like downtown and the river bank park, but even that is trashed. Dont come here with high hopes.
Flint might be a tough city but it has so many good people when you look over all the bad. When I was younger, I had a rough experience growing up on the side I did. I was threaten to be shot at with a pellet gun as well as the real thing. I heard my bike getting taken from the back of my house but I met some kind and caring neighborhood kids. Those kids I played with sun up to sun down and they made my childhood a childhood. I met some of the closest people I hold near and dear to my heart from Flint once I reached high school as well. I'm proud to call them my family.
I love the Flint people. Flint is only a victim of globalization and it is the people who suffer from that. If Flint gets some love, it will give love in ten fold. Flint simply needs some more love.
I was born and raised in Flint, MI. Flint is well known due to General Motors. I’ve been fortunate to live in Flint for many years and I’ve seen this city go through many transitions over time. Unfortunately, Flint has been known for many things and all have not been good things. Being faced with all of these catastrophic events, I’ve never loss my love for this city. Even though Flint has suffered a economic downfall, within the recent years I’ve seen a lot of changes being made in Flint that has turned some heads. I like that fact that they have cleaned up downtown Flint. They have renovated downtown Flint and I likethat fact that downtown Flint is so relaxing and a calm atmosphere and for once, I’m glad that it’s a area that I feel safe. I would like to see General Motors flourish again and more opportunities bringing wealth back to this city. I would like to see every water pipe changed and I want to see the residents of Flint with clean water.
Summer marathon crim and restaurant experiences . Living experiences. I’ve attended the University of Michigan-flint for my undergrad in health Administration. We still currently have poor water quality . Utilizing filters and free water disbursements
This is a very misunderstood city. There aren't a lot of opportunities here so good people have to turn to other ways to make a living and get mixed up with the wrong people. I grew up here and more needs to be done in this city, there is a lot of potential but poor schooling and not very many good role models.
Water no good, and very few jobs. Housing is lacking, and shopping is nearly extinct. The crime rate is very high, gunfire is a normal.
flint is an okay town. Unfortunately it wasx a town bulti for over 200,000 people to live in it but currently there are only 100,000 people living in flint. so the city tends to struggle supporting its self because it cant afford it. getting a job and maintaining it is relatively easy, the city has a reliable bus transportaion service that can get you anywhere in town and surronding towns for an extra fee. housing is fairly cheap aswell.
Although it is a dangerous place at times you will find the most determined and strong willed people ever
I would love to see change in the city of Flint. Flint is slowly growing economically and I know a lot of young people who have been taking their business to downtown Flint to help support the community and local businesses.
I lived in Flint for 34 miserable years. Let's not sugarcoat anything. While you can still walk down the street at 2:00 in the afternoon fairly safely in most areas, be careful who you interact with. The town is full of alcoholics, bad drama, drugs and ignorance. Stay away. I'm speaking from personal experiences. This is NOT a place where you want to raise children. Morals are very low. I don't care what kind of "Improvements" or "Comeback" the city tries to do - the bad people outnumber the good.
Flint, Michigan holds a lot of history. I love the art and culture of the city. "Back to the bricks is one of my favorite parts about living here because different cultures, races, and genders come together to celebrate what this city is known for, which is its automotive industry. The first thing I would like to change in Flint is the crime. This city has endured more loss than our residents can handle and the people have suffered because of it. The second thing I would like to change would be the "Water Crisis". every resident of Flint is still affected by lead water. A lot of people suffer from physical and mental illnesses because of this issue. I myself have to rely on bottled water to perform daily task such as bathing, washing my hair, brushing my teeth, cooking and cleaning. we are in need of help and I want to be apart of the change.
I love the hidden gems within the city and the leaders the city produced and raised. I love the life I've lived here more than in the other cities. I wish we had more activity and more modern buildings and establishments.
I would say that Flint does have potential to be what it once was in previous years and I would like to see something done regarding the water situation.
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It's a good place to learn how to get over adversity and grow a mental toughness. But an ideal place to live for the rest of your life. It's more of an hustle on trying to get to the next best thing, and until then, this is the place you have to work with.
I love Flint because it is my hometown and I love living close to the mall, stores, and restaurants!
Flint MI is a city with a great reputation of raising some of the biggest starts in sports history. Recently Flint Michigan has gotten alot of media coverage because of the lead poisoning in our water system. Although we are facing economical hardship Flint Michigan has been on the raise with new project to rebuild our community and surrounding areas, we also home of three top one hundred colleges Mott, university of Michigan, and Kettering.
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