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The people make the area a diverse tapestry of cultures and races. It is a growing area that is a suburb of Greenville, South Carolina. The real estate market caters to the needs of groups of people who want to spend millions to those with want to have a beautiful home and be affordable. The neighborhoods are safe, the area has a charm about it that lends itself to family and love.
It's very community oriented. Friendly, suburban, simple. People are mostly families, and most are concentrated into large neighborhood developments.
Great family community with established and newer neighborhoods. Convenient to stores, doctors, parks, highways and 30 min from airport. Getting more crowded and more expensive.
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Good area for new business, job growth and education.
Other than occasional racial related or drug related violence there's a lack of confrontation in the heart of Greenville.
There's a nice sense of community in the part of Greenville we currently reside. The housing and neighborhoods are kept up to date and clean and there's a steady influx of new jobs from new businesses moving to the area. There's also a floriishing downtown area which as been cleaned up in recent year and a great amount of events/places to attend. However the additional building of stores and businesses on main roads has increased frustrating traffics and caused an increase of wrecks. Overall, it's a great place to grow up and raise a family.
Crime is incredibly low in this area, and the police officers here are very responsive.
There are plenty of great businesses and living areas in the Simpsonville/Five Forks area.
The upstate in South Carolina lacks diversity. The education system is improving but has a long way to go.
We have a lot of yearly events in the area that attracts a lot of people. The Greek Festival and Fall For Greenville are big events and they are always jam packed with people. The most popular thing to do is go downtown and walk. Downtown Greenville is beautiful and its always fun to go there and hangout with friends.
Most people use a car in my area. Every once in a while people are biking. Most people don't walk but if one lives downtown they can walk everywhere. The bus is also used by many and it get them where they need to go. There is one highly congested area and there is a lot of traffic there.
We don't have any serious droughts or floods. Also we don't have hurricanes. We have had about one or two earthquakes and tornadoes. The tornadoes and earthquakes are very small and don't do a lot of damage. We also don't have wildfires and it never gets that cold here. Overall the weather is perfect.
There are many great restaurants in the area. I have found only one issue and that is that they aren't opened really late which would be nice on the weekends. Besides that there are a lot of good restaurants in the area, especially in downtown.
There are a lot of opportunities in my area. We have all the basic stores that everyone else has. Also we have big companies like BMW and Michelin. These two companies give a lot of jobs and has a lot of people moving in my area from all over the country.
There is everything in my area. The popular stores would be in the mall and everything thats really popular is on one road. This allows easy access to lots of stores, but there is a lot of traffic. This really allows you to get anything you need and its very convenient.
i like downtown a pretty good bit, they have alot to offer
its been pretty good so far, only worked about 5 years
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Pretty good food, hospitality and downtown is great.
People love Greenville SC. It is small but has a ton of things to do and see.
South Carolina weather is weird. It can be sunny one minute and rain the next. For the most part the weather is beautiful. We did have a cold winter this year.
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