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Finneytown is a great place! Although the Finneytown school buildings need to be updated, the teachers and faculty are AMAZING! Finneytown is a very diverse neighborhood and is close to several colleges and universities. There are many nearby restaurants. There are also a number of private schools in the area. Finneytown is very diverse and a great place to raise kids. It only takes a few minutes to get downtown, and there are several nearby parks.
What I like about Finneytown is that it is clean and quiet. There is a good mix of young people and older people, there are several places to shop, several restaurants, and gas stations. There is a good mix of housing; apartment complexes, 2-family and 4-family homes, ranch style homes, etc. Its affordable and family friendly.
Finneytown offers a nice small town feel close to everything Cincinnati has to offer. Finneytown is a part of Springfield Township and not Cincinnati proper.
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I love the location. Finneytown is centrally located. It's only 10 minutes outside of Cincinnati. It is two minutes from a major highway. Finneytown also has public transportation making the commute to Cincinnati much easier. The community has nice stores as well as a good school district with great police that allows you to feel safe while in the neighborhood.
Wish it was a bit cleaner, there is always trash on the highway overpass. Roads are a mess, constant construction. Enjoy that they are improving Winton Rd. for commutes as well as community activities with restaurants and shopping.
Good place to live and to raise a family.
The taxes could be a little lower, but that possibly keeps the balance. It clean with lots of businesses. There are an ample amount of churches in the city and people seem are friendly.
Love how close everyone is !! Such a team driven community. Everyone knows everyone and helps each other out in times of need.
Finneytown has been a good place to raise my kids. My son got a great education through the public school system which resulted in a great college scholarship. We need more industry to help the local schools and economy.
This area once again is one of the better places to reside in. Especially considering the upkeep of the neighborhood. The police patrol regularly. My family and I feel really safe.
Considering the crime rates and issues going on all over the country, I would consider my place of residence one of the greatest! The crime rate is low. The school district is one of the best in the city. The people are friendly. I don't worry about if my home is going to be safe when I leave. Its just a great place overall.
This is a good area
I love thisvarea way better than the area i was at before
The crime is a very minimum until school is let out for the summer and then the crime goes up. However, the visibility of police is that they are always around when you need them.
This area is a well know little school place. Not many people out of Cincinnati may know where this is. It is a great small school distract. However, the classrooms in high school are over crowded. I personally would not choose to live here again if I could do it all over again. Even though, this place is great to get from east to west side of town. The future I see for this area is that more starting families will live there but, they will leave or send their kids to private schools.
It's a very safe part of town. Nothing to be worried about.
It's the typical American suburbia! I love it.
Crime rate is low not to many bad things happening.
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The area I live in is pretty nice and decent. its quite and not to many things going on.
The people in this area are very cheerful and friendly. The area around the neighborhood is a bit rough, but the neighborhood itself is full of good people who all interact and like to get to know each other. New people move in, and old neighbors go out of their way to welcome them in.
I like where I stay, and my neighbors are nice
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