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I really enjoy living in ferndale. the downtown has been different types of restaurants and shops. i enjoy the community aspect and how the city feels very connected. i think that the taxes and housing prices can be very high. i think that the new developments in the area have pros and cons.
I enjoy the diversity of neighbors, businesses and community. It is a very safe neighborhood which is great for singles and families. The downtown area is walkable and a lot of fun.
Very LGBTQ friendly up and coming popular night life.A pleatuer if festivals and concerts and community events.Neighborhoods well maintained and welcoming of our fur babies.
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Ferndale is a very lively and welcoming town. It makes me feel right at home. The restaurants and stores are awesome
Ferndale has a great place to have kids to live in. ferndale has a great police department and a downtown area with lots of places to visit. ferndale has a a great school district that is very diverse. Ferndale is a great place with many that are friendly and or helpful.
I absolutely love living in Ferndale!

We are progressive and inclusive, we celebrate all cultures and beliefs, and all people are welcome here!
Plenty to do, great restaurants, diverse and progressive community that genuinely cares and is helpful. Ferndale has many fairs/street festivals during the warmer months. The city government is very respective to issues and how new projects or changes will impact the residents.
I recently moved to Ferndale and love it so much. It is very walkable, dog friendly, has a diverse range of housing options, amazing restaurants and bars, feels incredibly safe, and has a great commute to downtown Detroit as well as other Detroit suburbs.
I love how Ferndale is a small town in a big town area. the little local shops and eateries make you really feel like a community.
Very liberal town. Great night life. A ton if restaurants and bars. People take pride in their neighborhood.
better parking in downtown area; Ferndale offers a variety of events year round as well as spectacular restaurant cuisine but the parking needs tweaking. I have searched for parking spots for minutes to come.
Ferndale is a very friendly and loving community. Downtown Ferndale has beautiful and unique stores and great food. The schools have nice and caring teachers, and with the ability to attend CASA and OCC, there are many class options.
It’s a great place to live, there are always events going on downtown. Parking is rough near downtown, especially for residents.
Ferndale is a very open and young community that is moving forward with green initiatives and encouraging investment. Garden Fresh Salsa, Schramm's Mead, and Valentine Vodka originated here, which I always like mentioning to people. The housing market has shot up in the last 4-5 years, and looks like it will continue to increase. The police department has partnered with Hope Not Handcuffs to help addicts recover.
The houses are great and look very nice. The community is very friendly and organized. It has a great library and holds many events in the downtown area.
It's a vibrant city full of people who are kind and accepting. There's a lot to do in the downtown area and the nightlife scene is growing daily. Ferndale also host a lot of festivals that are fun for adults and family friendsly.
This neighborhood is the ultimate in laid back living in the city. Everyone works hard and plays hard. There is a lot of forward thinking going on and absolutely everyone is accepted. A great place to live.
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I love this city! It is such a great upcoming city, gay friends, young, active, tons of places to eat and explore.
I love how close everything is which makes doing business easy. The community is friendly and fairly diverse. Parking can be an issue sometimes when you're trying to go to the bars at night.
Went to Ferndale public school all 12 years of my educations. Teachers there when I was there really cared and wanted you to learn. The principle Mr. Ivory who retired 2 years after I graduated always made sure his student was safe and was well taken care of and he did not play when it came to disrespect
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