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Fenton Township is a great place to live. I have raised 3 boys in this township. The Lake Fenton schools are amazing with great teachers. We have lived here for 17 years and have enjoyed the lakes it has to offer. We have a boat on Lake Fenton that we keep at Skipper Buds Marina in the summer time. There is a variety of places to dine that are unique. The people are very welcoming, accommodating and accepting of all types of people. The housing is booming. When it's time for my grandbabies to come I hope they are all raised here.
The housing in Linden, MI is great for beginning parents. Linden is by many working cities like Grand Blanc, Fenton, Swartz Creek and Flint. There are not many abandoned houses and buildings in the city of Linden. When an abandoned house or building is found, it is normally revamped right away.
People tend to raise their families here from birth because there are many of great schools and sports programs to get involved in. More than 80% of families here have at least one pet and walk them in town more than 3-4 times a week.
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There is not much crime in Linden. Linden police does their best to keep the city's policies strong and obedient for all citizens in the area.
I have lived in Linden since I was born. Linden is a small town right outside Flint, Michigan and by Grand Blanc and Fenton. I have loved growing up in Linden and would most definitely recommend this town to a couple that is trying to start a family.
My area rarely has any crime. You will most likely see a police car while taking a trip through, and I feel completely safe when walking downtown.
One of my favorite things about Linden is the amount of parks that it offers. The area is beautiful in all seasons, especially fall and winter. I would live here again just because I am a big nature person, however it is not as amazing at places like the Rocky Mountains or Yellowstone Park. The future however looks great, because of the surrounding areas and Linden increasing in popularity with people.
Have never had a problem with crime in the 14 years living here.
The atmosphere of Fenton is friendly and makes you feel at home. I would definitely live here again and enjoy visiting when I can.
These houses are very well kept
This community is very pet/family oriented
Police are always around the corner keeping us safe
I would choose to live where there are more people
People are friendly for the most part, there's a good amount of restaurants, bigger cities aren't too far away.
A lot of new development in our downtown area. New streetscape project. New restaurants, retailers and homes being built.
Linden is a great town to raise a family in. It's safe and overall a wonderful environment with friendly people. The town is always thinking of ways to improve for the people, hosting events to keep us busy and having fun! The schools are full of loving staff members that care about the students in the classroom and out of the classroom. I'm glad to have been brought up here.
Fenton is a sweet town that recently is starting to grow.
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Fenton is growing by leaps & bounds! Our downtown area is being renovated and several new businesses and restaurants are opening. The schools are excellent and the people are friendly. I'd never live anywhere else!
The downtown area is charming and fun to visit. The annual Holly Dickens Festival is a great event for families. Downtown restaurants and shops offer many unique experiences.
We do have a really nice park that has trails through the woods for biking and jogging and also a somewhat new park built for young children.
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