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Fayetteville is funky? It is a beautiful area with mountains all around. Lots of good places to eat, and a great bike and trails system.
Starting with the bad. When I see "diverse" used to describe Fayetteville I burn a little inside. There is the university which helps and there are companies that hire people from out of state that bring new ideas. As an inter racial couple, most people in Fayetteville are just curious. However we have gotten comments like "I'm not Racist but my daddy would have shot me if I had brought an Islander home"...umm ok. I honestly think they don't realise how racist of a statement that is. Springdale actually DOES have a Hispanic and Marshallese communities but they aren't welcomed there. We have had issues there when shopping like the assumption we are food stamps etc

On the flip side, overall Fayetteville neighbors have been wonderful and I love being part of community which is something we did not have in New York. I am a Liberal, New York City Jew , and if weren't for the racism I would give it a five
The only place worth a 5 star rating in the entire state of Arkansas. Great, college town that is much more affluent than the rest of the state. KEEP FAYETTEVILLE FUNKY …… forever.
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Fayetteville is an enjoyable atmosphere everywhere you go. The campus brings so much energy to the city. The city is very welcoming and proudly displays it's "hipster" lifestyle with the slogan "keep Fayettville weird."
Not much crime and is a very nice area and is home to the University of Arkansas and is just a nice place in general!
Fayetteville is a pretty great place to live as a student trying to find my own path in life. I have a lot of opportunity for education, fun, and promotion. While there are the normal downsides to living in a relatively small town, overall, it's really enjoyable. While I don't plan on living here forever, this is a great place to find yourself and relax. Since it is a college town, Fayetteville does also have a great lifestyle to it. It's quirky, and very unlike other places in Arkansas, but it retains a familiar air just as the rest of this state does. It feels less like a place you will live for a short while, and more like home.
Fayetteville is amazing. There are so many things to do in the area. Plenty of restaurants, several shopping malls, many nature and bike trails, as well as a gorgeous college campus!
Wonderful location to raise a family. Great schools and more than enough options for outdoor activities. Just a few hours away from Kansas City, Little Rock, & Tulsa.
I really have enjoyed growing up in Fayetteville. It is a growing city and there are plenty of things to do. It is the perfect place for kids in education. I love the area!
Fayetteville is a great town to live in and start a life. I have been going to college here and it has been some of the best years of my life. There is plenty to do around town and there are many areas in border states that have very exciting nightlife and other fun.
Fayetteville Is a beautiful college town with great safe atmosphere, I enjoy hiking around, and catching Razorback football and basketball games. I would love to see more food and bigger businesses arrive.
Fayetteville is a quaint yet young and hip town. The people here are very friendly and make you feel at home.
Fayetteville is evolving into a wonderful place. With numerous musical events, restaurants, shows, and even a well-planned park system, Fayetteville has plenty to do. NW Arkansas is home to three major Fortune 500 companies, so there is no shortage of employment opportunities, but there are numerous local businesses of the artisan and tech sort. Locally sourced resources are of no shortage. Old-town Fayetteville is beautiful, and the cost-of-living is 100% reasonable for the area. I cannot imagine leaving Fayetteville any time soon. Small towns with excellent schools are nearby for those hoping to live a slightly slower lifestyle.
Used to be a great place. Rankings have attracted a lot of undesirable people. No doubt this place will slip in rankings going forward. Walmart and other business will slowly die bringing even more economic concern.

Nice views tho
Currently in attendance at the university of Arkansas and am loving the scene that Fayetteville has offered thus far. Great college town with lots of activities to get involved in. Overall a pleasant experience with a great atmosphere.
Great college town with so many things to do! Dickson street is great, and the hiking trails nearby offer great views of the ozark mountains.
I love Fayetteville, its a city like atmosphere but smaller than big cities and its a great place to raise a family and to live comfortably.
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Fayetteville is a wonderful city with so much activity! If you like the outdoors, the city, local music, this is the town for you. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. The museums and culture make it diverse and the food is spectacular!
Fayetteville is a nice city. I love that rogers and Bentonville, who are 20 minutes north are growing so rapidly. Really the whole Northwest Arkansas area is. There are opportunities for great job placement and if your not ready for a job then there is the University of Arkansas to help you plan for a better one. The health systems in the city are fantastic. Anywhere from veteran healthcare to pediatric care. It is a college town and caters to the young adult crowd. There are great places to go out to eat and some nightlife excitement.
I have lived in Fayetteville my entire life and there is not a single thing I do not like about it. I will continue to live here as I finish college. I never once thought about leaving for college. I ALWAYS KNEW I WANTED TO STAY HOME.
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