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With protesters, looters and arsonists running freely in the city and the the governors lockdown, I no longer feel safe in the city. I will be spending my money outside of the state until such time as things improve in both the city and the state.
Fayetteville has a lot to offer whether it's for entertainment or just basic necessities. It has plenty of movie theaters and shops around town. There can be a few disappointing things in Fayetteville. One thing that isn't always great is Customer Service. Generally, Customer Service within stores can be a little less than helpful or serving. Poverty can also be a struggle in downtown or urban areas in and around Fayetteville. However, I've lived here most of my life so I have come to love Fayetteville as my hometown.
What I like about Fayetteville is it's a military town. The changes that I would like to see in this town is better transportation. There's a overrated minor league baseball team that is hurting downtown businesses more than helping it. It cost more building the baseball park than revenue they receive from sales. The mayor should have use that money for employment and education by paying the employees more that work in the city, create new jobs and pay full scholarships for residents that want to attend Fayetteville State or Methodist university. That would encourage students to stay in town and go to a local college for free and find employment in the city.
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The downtown area is nice but beyond that it is commercial. Too many big chains and not enough small businesses take up the majority of the city. I do enjoy the historical parts of town, such as the haymount district. There are a lot of cultural impacts this town has left on me and my family. My husband was stationed here at Fort Bragg about two years ago this June. I joined him shortly after, having relocated my life across the country in less than one week. Being a military spouse is not easy, and comes with many challenges and obstacles one must overcome. And, I find that Fayetteville has an exceptional diversity. There is a booming economy thanks to the ever-increasing size of the military. Fort Bragg provides a sense of economic flow between spouses and civilians related to service members. Living in Fayetteville comes with its' challenges. Such as the food desserts, and high crime rate. I often hear gunshots and believe there is a higher rate of men to women, which increases.
I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina as a current resident. I love the Pelicans that is about 7 minutes away from my house. Sometimes, the traffic ca get quite annoying but it's okay. Just to let you know, North Carolinian weather is crazy. It will 30 degrees one day and the next it will be 60 degrees.
Fayetteville is a military friendly community that has a very quaint small town charm; despite its sprawling size. Nearby Fort Bragg hosts the United States Army 82nd Airborne and is home to many Special Operations units. Fayetteville literally has everything to do. There is fun to be had for the whole family or for those who are single and ready to mingle. The area is extremely affordable and has a very well blended mix of low income and high income areas. The people are friendly and will greet you with a smile. The car and motorcycle scene is Fayetteville is also booming and alive. The tattoo culture is also very vibrant. Nearby (approximately 40 minutes North) in Raleigh, North Carolina, there is a very vibrant nightlife scene. There are many clubs, bars, event spaces, and music venues for those who can't scratch their night life itch in Fayetteville. The surrounding country side is great for hunting deer, bear, turkey, etc. Fayetteville has a little bit of everything to offer.
i love this place... the only thing is that i wish there was more to do. I work with the children here in this city with misdemeanors. with that being said i would not send your kids to overhills or to EE smith. Statistically more of our cases come from here. The people here are fairly nice and there is a lot of ethnic foods from all around the world. the military presents here is also very large.
Fayetteville is a nice place to live but there is a lot of traffic and moderate crime. even with this it is a decent place to raise a family. many parks and activities as well as youth sports. for not being such a big town it has everything you could need. I wish we had more quality restaurants and shops but every year seems to be improving. being near the military makes this town very patriotic and there is a lot of fellowship.
The traffic sucks but that’s any city. I like how they are creating more entertainment areas. The food choices are good as well.
Fayetteville is a very small town in North Carolina, and doesn't really have a lot of interesting things to do there. The town is more of your average small town which is an okay town.
There are a lot more cons than pros about Fayetteville. A lot of crime and very dangerous in some areas. Terrible schools, tons of poverty, limited jobs, and lots of homelessness. Not many things to do either.
Fayetteville is a military town. It is overcrowded and the schools are terrible. The job market is rough and there is very little opportunity. There are some decent areas in Fayetteville, but many areas have high crime rates.
I move here in 2016 its a very small town everyone knows everything. I got my phone stolen my second week of going to school on the way home in a gated community. There are a lot of homeless people and there's always something going on.
I currently live in Fayetteville and it is not as bad as people make it seem. Yes, there could definitely be some change like when and where their construction takes place, but it is not that bad.
The environment of Fayetteville, North Carolina is family-friendly, with lots of restaurants opening up frequently. The historic downtown Fayetteville is a wonderful place to go sightsee and enjoy the stores, festival, and cuisines they have to offer.
Fayetteville is a nice place to settle in or get your thoughts together for a faster pace lifestyle. Schools are very different depending on where you live.
I know this area like the back of my hand, I was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina and my grandfather served time in the military here for 20 years. Fayetteville is a mostly military town with coming and going often. It is not home to a busy bustling city of possibilities, its more like an old farm town with a few politicians trying to dress it up here and there. There is a decent level of violence and drug activity in this area. As for opportunity, there is not much here for that either unless you want to join the military or work fast food. I have moved away since becoming an adult and although I have come back several times, its certainly not somewhere that i would like to settle down and raise a family or go to school long term.
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I loved the school system, i learned alot and really enjoyed the people that teach there. There are great teachers and excellent academics
My over all experience with Fayetteville has had some ups and downs. Depending on your job description there are plenty jobs available and services that allow you to be flexible even when going back to school. The area I live in is safe for the most part I allow myself and children to go outside . We have some great food restaurants here and I see Fayetteville expanding I love the most the affordability it’s a good city for relocation. The schools I would say needs a little work as much in the world does but from my experience they have been really hands on and one on one .
I think Fayetteville is a great place to live, despite what everyone else thinks. I have lived here for a few months, because of the military. Fort Bragg is huge! My family doesn't live on base though. Due to the virus thing have been pretty rough, bout I like to say positive.
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