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Fayette Township Reviews

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Great area to buy or build houses.
People live in their area their whole lives, great sense of community. Everybody knows everyone.
we live in the middle of nowhere, not much happens.
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This is a very small farming county and should remain that way. The people here really don't want too much of a change.
The people work work on crime and safety do a great job.
I would not want to live anywhere but where I do.
I live on a busy road that provides easy access to gas stations and restaurants and school. My little village has a gas station, post office, lawn mower business, and a golf course. It is a rural area with many farms. I like that I can get to the fire house quickly for fire calls. I would choose to stay in this area since my family is all located here. I can easily visit grandparents, other relatives and friends. Most people know each other.
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