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It’s a very small town. There’s not much to do. It can be depressing. The only really good thing about it is that it can be family oriented if you have relatives here. People tend to look out for one another.
I love the people and the sense of unity it brings to the community. The thing that I would like to see change in, is having better educational programs and curriculum for the youth throughout the year.
Farrell is a close not community. It may be small but the residence here are very warm and welcoming. My over all experience living in Farrell is that it is a great place to grow up. It's very convient since all your friends, family, and stores are close by. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up in a different place. Growing Farrell made me who I am today.
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I've lived here all my life..some great things and people still live here..a lot has changed since I was a kid, some good and some bad. I would love to see some locally owned business as well as new businesses here in Farrell. Most importantly I would like to see a variety of activities for our youth put in place! Not a bad place to raise a family but definitely in need of more things in our community!
If you were to ask me this question three years ago, I would of told you that it was a very safe place. But, now I would tell you it is getting bad, very bad. I say that because in 2016 alone there have been at least six or seven shootings. Then to add to the violence there has been a number of drug raids that turned up empty, so there is still a high chance that there are drugs out there.
Living here is okay. It would be great if there were more things for the youth and young adults to do. If there were many more things to do around here it would bring jobs and also help the wilder ones stay out of trouble.
The local corner store is very convenient and it has mostly everything you want besides meats. To be a little corner store it is not that expensive and it is in walking distance from my house. They also sell hot foods that are very cheap for a chicken breast and 3 jojo's it is about 3.49 you can't beat that.
Were i live at there is nothing to do. I heard back in the early 60's Farrell Pa. was the place to be but now there is nothing. Thats why i'm trying to get a scholarship to help with college so i can get out of here.
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