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The diverse community that feels like a small town. Even though we are in the suburbs of Detroit, we act like we are an up north town in the State of Michigan.
very nice area but not many things to do around the town without having to feel like you need to go to a different city because we are small and do not have many things to do
Farmington has a very welcoming downtown. My favorite thing about the town is the farmers market every Saturday morning in the summer and fall. It creates a small-town atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable and welcome.
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Love the downtown shopping and activities during to whole year. I love the Farmer's market all summer long. There are a lot of resources for me to choose, from Doctors to clothing to eating in different venues to toy stores and hardware stores. I love being able to support the small business entrepreneur.
Farmington has that small town charm, without it feeling like the middle of no where. It has everything you would expect in a city, but you still run into old friends at the movie theater or Starbucks. It's a very welcoming town with constant activities and events, I always feel safe in it.
Farmington is a very nice place to live and work. There are a lot of family activities sponsored/organized by the city, and I feel very safe and at home here.
Lovely downtown space and farmers marker in the summer. Incredibly safe neighborhoods, quiet, with great schools.
I had a great experience attending Farmington public schools. It is a diverse town, however I wish there were better ways to get to know neighbors and other people nearby. You will never hear somebody say "Hey lets go to downtown Farmington to grab a drink!" In my opinion, there is not much to do here, besides going to Starbucks.
Farmington is a small-town feel with the convenience of being centered within the big city life. I always feel safe and secure, and love how friendly all of the people are!
I moved to Farmington, MI from New Hudson, MI to be closer to work. Even though New Hudson is only 12mi away from Farmington, it's at least a 30min commute via I96. The highway is always very congested during morning and evening rush hours. It's usually faster to just take Grand River Ave.
Summer time is always the best time!
Very friendly in the community
Public Safety is very responsive and timely when needed
Would like a small grocery store in the downtown area,
Engineering has many openings locally, either automotive or other
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