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Growing up in Falfurrias was a great experience. Now working for the school district is a dream come true!
Small town where everyone knows each other and it's always calm and friendly. although there aren't many hangout spots people still find ways to come together during boring or happy times.
The town I live in and grew up in is Falfurrias, Tx. It's a very plain town with not much to do. The Youth in this town really don't have much to do but cause trouble. One day I would like to build an arcade room for all these kids to go to.
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I like the fact that our town has some hard-working people who value hard work, family and faith. However, I would like to see the the drug abuse and dependence on welfare vanish in Falfurrias.
Crime around my area ismt very common but happens every so often and is usually something pretty big
The people here great, however i do not plan to live here after high school. I'm not looking to come back to this area either.
My experience in this area isn't so great. I've been out of this area and felt more safe than I do when I go outside my house.
Living next to a lot of brush, hunting is something that I can do any day. The parks here are kept nice and clean. Soon the town is going to build an even bigger park with baseball fields and football fields so it should be great!
Living in a very small town like Falfurrias, we don't have any attractions. Soon we aren't going to have a Walmart at all so that can explain how small it is. Even though we are a small town, something that gathers people from other local towns is our Halloween Carnival/Parade.
We have an outstanding police department. They are always on patrol and quick to get around town. Our fire station on the other hand is very small. Our trucks are a bit out dated as well and it would be great if we got newer trucks. Living down here in the south during the summer means a lot of wild fires can happen. Getting new trucks would be a great stepping stone on the path towards a great fire station.
For a small town like Falfurrias, hardly any crime goes on. Everyone knows everyone here, so if there was to be a crime lets say a murder, the whole town would find out who did the crime the next day. Every time I go for a cruise around town or to the store, I always see police patrol cars roaming up and down the highways. Its a great and safe place to live in.
For being a small town, I believe that Falfurrias has some great places to go eat and shop at. Even though our Dairy Queen burned down a couple of weeks ago, we still have a lot of other places to eat at while it gets rebuilt again. Since we have a small town, our Walmart is going to close down sometime around June or July, so we'll see how that goes. No more black Fridays, I mostly go to Walmart to buy more iPhone 5 chargers because mine always break, and most of the town gets their meds from our local Walmart pharmacy and since they're closing down, our smaller pharmacy, Fred's Pharmacy, will start making more and more money. Other than that I can say we have a descent town with descent shops and restaurants.
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