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I like the area I live in to be frank. I would not change much about it. The only issue I have with the area is the nightlife. I am a young adult who loves to socialize and meet new people, but the nightlife scene in this general area is essentially non-existent. I would like to see more social events around the community, along with maybe a few new bars and attractions to appeal to the younger demographic that resides in Fairfield.
Fairfield is a city intended for upper middle class lily white families/republican young professionals/ rural conservatives/ conservative white retirees. Class divide and unequal distribution of wealth make for a confusing, ugly, congested, and poorly thought out infrastructure. Alternative food options are minimal- save for Blessed jungle jims.
Neighboring areas like forest park, springdale and college hill are more minority- friendly. Bars, food, political ideology, and overall culture significantly improve moving toward cincinnati.
My experience in Fairfield has been wonderful. There is always something to do or something going on in the community.
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School system overlooks bullying. Too many students being bullied and the school system turns a blind eye to it. I know it “happens everywhere” but it seems to be a common occurrence in Fairfield.
Fairfield is a mess. Water lines are constantly breaking under the main road through town, this adds to the out of control traffic. Some roads have been upgraded, but by the traffic has already outgrown the improvements. The police in Fairfield are known to be aggressive. I have personally been pulled over for a dirty licenses plate, and another time for a dim license plate light. Both times I was not even given a warning, because my license plates were fine. I should mention at this point that I am an average 34 year old white guy, with no criminal record. I only mention that to forewarn any minorities that they are in real danger from the police in this town. Then, there is the racist school mascot. The"indians" which are represented as a bright red profile of a Native American face, with feathers sticking up. The interior of the schools, which were verifiably designed by a prison architect, are decorated with more scenes of Native American stereotypes.
more diversity needed, good safety and good commute time as well as the affordability. Public school is okay but not the best, again more diversity would be better.
I love how close everything is to itself, and the variety of food places available. There aren't many places in Fairfield for a night out, however we have some of the best schools in the area.
Most of the houses, neighborhoods, and surrounding landscape is beautiful. There are many places to work and shop at within close distance. It is also very safe and has an incredibly low crime rate. The only thing is that there is very little diversity, it is mostly white and conservative with a lot of catholic churches around.
I love Fairfield! Everything is so easy to get to, the city is only 45 minutes away, the school is excellent, and the neighborhoods are safe. There are tons of little restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops. It's got the small town charm without being a small town.
I love that there is a variety of things to do. Restaurants, shopping centers, and activities to do as a family. I don’t believe much needs to be changed.
Fairfield is a very suburban part of Cincinnati. There are lots of nice houses and places to eat/shop. There are plenty of parks which is enjoyable for any age. Fairfield is a great place for a young budding family because there is a lot to do and be involved in and a very fair amount of green space while still being semi-urban.
The school district could use some help and support but the overall town is decent. I recommend living in a good neighborhood other wise the information below will not be as accurate from my personal view.
I like Fairfield, I think it's a safe, family-friendly city with good schools. It is a quiet suburb not far from Cincinnati.
In my experience, Fairfield has grown exponentially over the years; I grew up there, started college there, then came back to help out my family. In that time, entire new portions of town have popped up, including new firestations, police stations, schools, and community centers. Still has that small town feel, however.
my experience of this lovely town has been wonderful. Fairfield has always felt like a safe and comforting place. i would like to see the school districts change in their view on how they teach the kids and how the "prep" the kids for college.
I love the location, it can be quiet and yet close enough to the city. There are many things to do with the new shopping centers building around Fairfield.
Fairfield is a great community, close to larger cities but everything you need is close. The cost of living is reasonable, the city schools are great and I felt very safe and at home there.
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Fairfield is a decent town to live in. The area is relatively safe and the people seem to genuinely care for their neighbors. The cost of living is reasonable and the location convenience is great.
This is a good place to raise a family, if you find the right neighborhood. Harbin Park, Village Green, the community arts center, and a few real solid restaurants in the downtown area make this a fun place to live. The school system and sports really solid as well.
I was born and raised in Fairfield. Absolutely love this town; it's the perfect medium-sized city that is also close to many amenities. I attended Fairfield City School District for 10 years and had many wonderful teachers throughout my time in the district. FCSD is well-known for its music program. People are generally kind and helpful. Fairfield is fairly safe, however, areas in northern Fairfield can be very dangerous. Drugs are a problem in some areas. Overall, a wonderful place to live.
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