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Exeter, NH is honestly nature’s paradise: I’m 15 min away from the ocean, 1 hr away from the mountains and lake regions, and can still getaway to the city every once in awhile in such little time. Besides the fact that I’m literally surrounded by a vast amount of different types of scenery and nature the people of NH are so kind, helpful, and relatable.
Exeter is a beautiful town with a rich historical history. Exeter used to be the capital of New Hampshire and has had many famous residents. Exeter is also home to the famous private high school, Phillips Exeter Academy, as well as the excellent public high school, Exeter High School. Exeter is safe, beautiful, and family friendly.
Exeter is a beautiful, historic town that urges residents to live healthy lifestyles and better themselves. Having Phillips Exeter Academy and such a top-notch public education system makes Exeter the best place to make and raise a family.
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Overall a supportive and welcoming community. The presence of both Phillips Exeter Academy and Exeter High School gives the town a presence of younger people. However, it isn't uncommon for minority students at PEA to be yelled at from the cars of some residents... r
Exeter was not originally my home town but over the years it has gone above and beyond to fill that position in my life. With a historic and beautiful downtown and a fantastic school system, anyone would be lucky to get to live here. Exeter is also home to the second best private high school in the country, Phillips Exeter Academy, so the streets are always lively with kids, parents, pets, etc. First and foremost, Exeter is a family town.
Exeter is a small town but has everything one may need. It has several delicious restaurants like Szechuan, Station 19, Lexie's Test Kitchen and GreenBean. In addition, it has several shops that are essential from bookstores to flowershops to coffeeshops. It may be small but is definitely worthwhile for anyone passing by to enjoy the town.
Exeter is a sweet little town in which I am lucky enough to call home. Close to the ocean and shopping places. The downtown area has a certain old time charm and plenty of small specialty boutiques to satisfy everyone interest.
The town of Exeter is a very safe and quaint town, with lots of opportunities for activities, from indoor to out door, and is also very historically rich, with strong ties to the American Revolution. Overall a great town to grow up in and learn as much as possible.
Exeter is a very small town, but holds great historical significance, as it was once the capital of NH. This gives all the residents great pride in knowing their small town is very important to the history of our country. Exeter is also home to the esteemed Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. All of this, combined with a friendly close knit small town ecosystem makes Exeter the perfect place to live!
Downtown Exeter is a very nice place to hang out. There are a variety of stores, restaurants, and cafés. Also, there are several parks in Exeter including Swazey parkway which frequently hosts local farmers markets and summer movie nights.
As a student of the local public high school, when I am not busy with academics or extracurriculars, it is not uncommon to find my friends and I wandering around downtown Exeter, browsing the boutiques or hitting up Stillwells for the best ice cream on the Seacoast. The atmosphere of the town is very welcoming, with Exeter becoming the "hub" for many other local rural towns as there are numerous restaurants and venues for a night out. Philips Exeter Academy, a world renowned private high school, gives off a scholarly and vibe of excellence as you walk through downtown and through the beautiful campus. With historical significance and a lively townspeople, there is always something happening in Exeter, whether it is the annual UFO Festival, or a Kripsy Kreme Fundraiser run by the local high school. Exeter is full of happy people who love and share a sense of camaraderie for their town and the essence of New England.
Nice small town filled with great folks. It is close to everything you you could ever need and never gets to crowded. The beauty of the surrounding nature and small town feel makes it a perfect spot.
Exeter is a great town/community. There are amazing people that are friendly, and their public schools are very educated. I recommend people to visit this town in New Hampshire
I really like the town. There are downtown where all the food/snack shops are. There are ice-cream shop, barbers, banks, good restaurants (Chinese especially), sport shops, clothe shops, gift shops, and other shops there all in one place. It is very convenient.
The community is very nice and quiet, although some of the residents can be a little stuck up. Over all though it is very safe feeling and there is little crime. The downtown area is nice and good place to hang out, although there is not a whole lot to do.
Exeter is a very diverse town with a wide variety of shops which appeal to its diverse population. Exeter also host alot of family friendly events in its down town area.
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Exeter, New Hampshire is a lovely town located just 20 minutes from the local beaches. There is a downtown area that consists of many small shops and restaurants. The school district is great and Exeter is also home to Philips Exeter Academy. Exeter's real-estate is on the pricier side.
Great and safe area for children! However, not much to do for anyone older. However, it is close to Boston!
There are literally cops everywhere you go. If you walk long enough, especially at night, they will be there. It's an incredibly low crime area. The only trouble I can think of was some petty theft, drugs at the academy, and a murder-suicide in a suburb near downtown.
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