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It's a small town that thinks it's a big city. There's so much holding it back from becoming a more prosperous and happier city, but a lack of communication between citizens and politicians as well as an aimless need for more chain restaurants and stores slows it down.
I have lived in Evansville most of my life. Growing up in the 80's it was pretty safe, and the city was growing. As a teenager here it was pretty boring, but 2 malls and decent movie theaters. I grew up off of Dalehaven drive and covert ave, south east side. A bunch of low income apartments were built all over town in the 90's. So now our family home is worth less and it is a bad neighborhood / more crime. I like the parks on the north east side, + there is a lower cost of living here. But most of the people you encounter at a job will be rude. 😥 If I could afford to I would move away from Evansville.
I recently moved to Evansville, IN from a small town in North Carolina. There is always something to do in this city! There are some great running greenways, but I would love to see some security phones and extra lights on them!
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There is a lot to do but can get boring after living here your entire life.
There are things for children and youth of all ages to do throughout town. Most of everything you have to pay for, not many places are free.
Most places close by 10 PM, so there is not much of a night life in town besides Franklin street, which is where most of the bars are at.
I have lived in Evansville for my entire life. I have visited many other cities but I believe that Evansville is a great city and an even better place to live. I enjoy my time here and I like the night life we have to offer.
Evansville is a pretty average place to live. There isn't much to do here, there a lot of potholes in the roads and no one knows how to drive. Evansville needs more activities for adults other than shopping and drinking.
Coming from a very small town, moving to Evansville was a huge adjustment. After being here for 4 years, I couldn't imagine leaving. There is a variety of inexpensive things to do around town such as riding bikes on the riverfront, public pools, zoos, etc. There is always something to do. In addition, in the summertime there tends to be lots of little street fests offering different foods. There is a variety of different restaurants and bars to choose out of, all within reasonable price. Evansville has truly become my second home.
I love how Evansville is a smaller city but there are plenty of activities available. Stores on average are open late which is nice for me because I like to go grocery shopping late when it is less busy. However, the traffic is always bad and there is always construction going on.
Evansville is a growing city with so much potential and is only going to get better as we continue to develop and grow.
my experience, i live here. i love everything about it. i wouldnt change anything about it. and im proud to be a hoosier.
Evansville is a great place to raise a family and feel connected with a community while still meeting new people all the time.
Contrary to popular belief, there are some very wonderful activities for families and people in general.
Many of us in the community are cultured and creative from Art, to Music, to Food ect and if you look there are really eclectic and cool venues for most of those things!
Evansville is a very typical town, there is a lot to do from bowling to the movies and more. There's countless restaurants and cornfields with a fair amount of country mixed with city.
Evansville is the perfect size for me their is plenty todo and awesome food. the only thing i would like to see change is the traffic lights and roads.
Moved to Evansville from Louisville, KY. The city is relatively unlivable. You must have a car to commute, the public transportation is nearly nonexistent; it is a safe city, but with many opiate drug users. The city engineering a worthless, and anyone with common sense can see its many inefficiencies. Job opportunities are poor, there are numerous "food deserts" and the public education is terrible. There are two small universities the bolster the population, but graduate retention rates are low. This is not the place to raise a family, but perhaps a place for young professionals who truly with to catalyze change in the city.
For kids there isn't much to do this is definitly an adult built town. There are many bars and things like that for the adults of the community. So depending on what you're coming to do, you could have a good time.
I love Evansville, lived here all my life. Always transitioning and growing through the years. Our future of Evansville is looking brighter than ever.
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Evansville is a great place to raise a family. With six public high schools and three parochial schools, families have plenty of options on where to send kids to school. There are new local shops popping up each year and young entrepreneurs are thriving in our vast community. Nightlife has improved significantly over the last five years. With the addition of the Indiana University Medical School, more young professionals are flocking to Evansville to study and build their practices.
I have lived here my entire live, I feel I am in a good place because I am in the center of the United States and the weather is either too hot or too cold.
I've grown up here my whole life and it's a city that's not for everyone. There's not much of a nightlife because most businesses open at night. There isn't much to do in the city for fun.
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