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I really like living in Evansville. Though it is a small city, there are still many opportunities. The library system is wonderful. There are also many great areas to run.
Evansville has a lot to offer. But it also has a lot of downfalls. Lately crime has been very prominent and out of control. Seems like there can't be a day without a shooting. However we have the University of Evansville, large employers and many other opportunities.
Evansville in my experience is somewhat intolerant to liberal ideals, depending on what part and what organizations you seek out. The city has some great local restaurants and a charming local theater, but they generally don't have a lot in terms of young adult life. However, it's a pretty typically suburban city and possibly a nice place to raise a family, so if that's what you're searching for then Evansville might be for you.
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Evansville is a large city with a large variety of people, attractions, and communities. There's a lot of initiatives implemented to keep our city growing and improving.
It's a moderately big city and safe for the most part. It is also very family friendly, perhaps sometimes a little too much so. It would be nice to have more events going on at night, instead of having most hangout spots closed down for the night.
I like how Evansville is a small town in the middle of big cities. I love growing up in a place that is comfortable, but also knowing that when I want to explore, places like Indianapolis, Nashville, Louisville, and St. Louis are all within three hours of my home.
I've lived here all my live, so evansville has a special place in my heart! If there was anything to improve, it would be the quality of the downtown area regarding restaurants, shopping, and living.
It's a small quiet city, I think anyone who loves peace should live here. That's just how peaceful the environment, you can go hours without hearing something sometimes even days. Neighbors are so nice maybe they'll invite you over to their house on special occasions, for example, Thanksgiving.
Nice place for an average life. Not much to do after 9-10 pm if you are under 21 but overall a relaxing and safe place.
Evansville has many positive aspects to it, such as the many shopping centers and countless family-run stores and restaurants. Traffic when there is little construction tends to move well, but lately traffic has been stopped up. Many little neighborhoods that are safe as well!
I love the City of evansville because it is home for me. I have grown up her my whole life and it just feels like home. I love it because there are so many small towns around it that people live in and everyone known everyone in your little town, but then everyone goes into the actual town of evansville to do all of there shopping and everything. It just feel like a homey welcoming place to live.
I enjoy my school(Bosse) as well as some of the local businesses. Our crime rate isn't the greatest and construction seems like a constant but useless drain of taxpayer dollars. Traffic isn't bad however, and you can get anywhere in town in 30 minutes or less from another area in town.
I absolutely love living in Evansville, Indiana. There is so much to do here and offers so much. The education system here is amazing as there are so many great elementary and high schools to attend. The city is very pretty and safe to live in. It is great for families and people of all ages. There are many job opportunities for people to make a life for themselves. Overall a wonderful city to live and thrive in.
Evansville has a close-knit community with friendly people. I would like to see a better downtown area.
I love the beautiful Ohio River running through town. However, there is a lot of pollution and crime prevalent in poorer areas.
The air quality is so bad that my car’s O2 sensor said was broken. I then drove two hours north and the O2 sensor was fixed. Even the soil in some areas is filled with lead.

My daughter developed asthma for the first time in her life when we moved there and almost died. My boss at the time also developed Cancer and died before she reached 45 years old.

I found out that neighborhoods (especially around posey county) had someone dying of cancer in every other house.

If the environment does not convince you to run far away from here, maybe the lack of jobs will.

Employers in Evansville can get away with things that no one else can. Why? Because they have no other competition. We are talking extreme bullying and extremely toxic work environments.
If you aren't a native, you will find yourself isolated. Maybe a small group of transplants will be your only friends. Enough shopping for necessities, but no nice restaurants. Crappy road maintenance and poor planning make Evansville a cheap, but miserable place to live.
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This is a nice city, and can be busy at times; however, I have loved this place since i moved here 3 years ago.
I live on the North side of Evansville and have had a great experience living here. The school systems here aren't the best, I don't agree with the dress code and there is not much preparation for the "real world". The college situation is great, two nice options for students who don't want to leave home. Safety is declining as the days go by. I've never been in a situation near my home where I felt unsafe, but once you get into the North Park shopping area there is a homeless population and be ready to get pan handled in a couple parking lots. We do have lots of shootings and murders almost every day on the "wrong" sides of town. Even though Evansville has a high rate of obesity, I think the city is trying to make a change. There are numerous bike and walking paths across town for anyone to use free of charge. We have lots of parks and our grocery stores have healthy eating selections that are decently affordable.
I'd like to see more children outside at play. There needs to be more for children to do around here at cheaper prices maybe?
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